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Knowledge Center

As a Powerful Learning Management System (LMS), Cyberwisdom wizBank7.0 also provided a feature called Knowledge Center, which is a centralized repository to store and manage information and allow to upload with different types of material such as an article, documentation, videos, and pictures.

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Purpose of wizBank7.0 Mobile Learning – Knowledge Center

A Knowledge Center is a Repository that systematically captures, organizes, and categorizes all the knowledge-based information. wizBank allows you to manage the enterprise and proprietary information in a single powerful Learning Management System (LMS).

Knowledge Center helps your organization to connect employees with information and expertise globally via our cloud-based LMS. we are providing a central location to collect, contribute and share the knowledge for both traditional Classroom Training and E-Learning environments.


Advantages of wiBank7.0 Mobile Learning – Knowledge Center

  • Centralization.

  • Collectively Brainstorming.

  • Improve Productivity

  • Prevent Knowledge Loss.

  • Encourage Collaboration & Increase Employee Engagement.

  • Offering an easy way to access all the information &knowledge require by users.

  • Enables your organizations to support new technologies quickly and capture new knowledge

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