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Enterprise Artificial intelligence (AI) is the far most important technology that supports next era economic activities and growth. Business leaders no matter from what size and what industries believe AI is critical to success over the next five years, organizations seeking enhanced business value from their AI investments can benefit significantly from prioritizing AI to success.

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We make your business ready to harness the power of AI application.

As Asia leading AI team, we’re ready to help drive your business further using the latest technologies, products, software and tools that maximise productivity and unearth key business insights.

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From 2020, we’ve navigated unprecedented disruption in the business and AI has shownits unique and powerful role to play in meeting many of the challenges presented to us today. We are further encouraged that we find ourselves living in a time when data infrastructure and processing power offer the necessary foundations to fuel truly transformational applications and rapid innovation of artificial intelligence (AI).

Cyberwisdom have watched these rapid shifts occur, we see the opportunities in present challenges. We are a team of data scientists, engineers and tech consultants helping businesses to adopt AI-driven solutions painlessly.

Cyberwisdom has been delivering AI software development and related IT outsourcing services to enterprises for different industries. We combine proven methodologies, business domain knowledge and technology expertise of 300+ skilled software professionals to deliver high quality solutions.

Beyond Data Science: Unleashing AI's Full Potential in Business Decision-Making and Innovation

Enterprise AI Is Moving Beyond Data Science And Into Every Business Decision

And yet, we have also seen how many business leaders set their sights too low—and thus fall short—of the enormous potential AI presents to us. Today’s race is no longer about adopting AI or automating processes for efficiency. It is now about realizing value, driving outcomes, and unleashing the potential AI holds to drive new opportunity for our businesses, for our employees and for our society at large. It is about cracking open the constraints of how we have done business before.

Revolutionize Your Business Operations with Cyberwisdom's AI Robot Team Solution

Cyberwisdom understand that your company is continually seeking ways to improve its operational efficiency and gain a competitive edge. Our management consulting firm has developed a solution that can help you achieve these goals: a one-stop solution for creating and managing an AI robot team.




Our enterprise AI solution offers a comprehensive approach to building an AI assistant and robot team that is tailored to your business needs, without requiring complex programming techniques. We provide a rich selection of preset job roles, and you can fill all the job positions you need with your imagination and natural language. Our natural language processing technology allows you to build your ideal AI team of assistant and robots through simple descriptions and form filling.

Our solution also integrates the capabilities required for your work, such as searching for web information, managing files, getting web content, processing images and speech, and more. You do not need any programming knowledge to use these capabilities.

We can help you design the workflow of your robot jobs to make them better and more accurate in providing services for you. Our AI assistant can also automatically schedule and manage robots to enable them to execute your tasks accurately and efficiently. Furthermore, we can directly convert your enterprise knowledge documents into robot knowledge bases, making AI better understand and adapt to your business.

By using our solution, you can save up to 40% on labor costs while responding accurately and efficiently to business challenges around the clock, seizing market opportunities ahead of others.


Artificial intelligence (AI) systems — those based on machine learning and deep learning, in particular — are seeing increased use in medicine to support almost all areas of business in terms of businss growth, operational efficiency, cost saving and alsmost all decision-making process, esp in terms of Next Generation Talent Development.

Cyberwisdom AI consulting team can help our clients:

01  Formulate a well-defined business objective and determine whether an AI technique is the best option for achieving it.

02  Design, build, and deploy an AI application that fits your business objectives.

03  Provide employee training about AI technologies.

04  Help with data collection and data wrangling, and launch some early models into the field.

Our Enterprise AI mission

Building a robust bridge between the latest scientific breakthroughs from the field of Artificial Intelligence and the Enterprise Applications.

Identity and solve the most complex business challenges faced by the enterprise by combining Artificial Intelligence (AI), Technology and Business expertise. 

Provide cost effective and non-intrusive AI-powered decision-making solutions to help companies getting more efficient and more competitive.

Deliver concrete examples of how AI can make the enterprise smarter by augmenting the human intelligence with AI-powered solutions.

Develop the most custom AI related software to business to excel its business.

Provide cutting-edge Big Data and AI technologies which enables machines to simulate, augment and sometimes outperform human intelligence.

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