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Conversation Application

Conversational applications use a question-and-answer model to maintain a dialogue with the user. Conversational applications support the following capabilities (please confirm that the following functions are enabled when the application is programmed):

  • Variables to fill in before the dialog. Create, pin, and delete conversations.

  • Conversation remarks.

  • Follow-up.

  • Speech to text.

  • Citations and Attributions​

Variables filled in before the dialog

IIf you have the requirement to fill in variables when you apply the layout, you need to fill in the information according to the prompts before entering the dialog window:


Fill in the necessary content and click the "Start Chat" button to start chatting.


Move to the AI's answer, you can copy the content of the conversation, and give the answer "like" and "dislike".


Conversation creation, pinning and deletion

Click the "New Conversation" button to start a new conversation. Move to a session, and the session can be "pinned" and "deleted".


Conversation remarks

If the "Conversation remarks" function is enabled when the application is programmed, the AI application will automatically initiate the first sentence of the dialogue when creating a new dialogue:



If the "Follow-up" function is enabled during the application arrangement, the system will automatically generate 3 related question suggestions after the dialogue:


Speech to text

If the "Speech to Text" function is enabled during application programming, you will see the voice input icon in the input box on the web application side, click the icon to convert the voice input into text:

Please make sure that the device environment you are using is authorized to use the microphone.


Citations and Attributions

If the "Quotations and Attribution" feature is enabled during the application arrangement, the dialogue returns will automatically show the quoted dataset document sources.

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