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Plugins is an upcoming feature of Cyberwisdom TalentBot LLMops. You can incorporate plugins into your App orchestration and access AI applications with plugin capabilities through an API or WebApp. Cyberwisdom TalentBot LLMops is compatible with the ChatGPT Plugins standard and provides some native plugins.

Based on WebApp Template

If developers are developing new products from scratch or in the product prototype design phase, you can quickly launch AI sites using Cyberwisdom TalentBot LLMops. At the same time, Cyberwisdom TalentBot LLMops hopes that developers can fully freely create different forms of front-end applications. For this reason, we provide:

  • SDK for quick access to the Cyberwisdom TalentBot LLMops API in various languages

  • WebApp Template for WebApp development scaffolding for each type of application

The WebApp Templates are open source under the MIT license. You are free to Cyberwisdom TalentBot LLMops and deploy them to achieve all the capabilities of Cyberwisdom TalentBot LLMops or as a reference code for implementing your own App.

You can find these Templates on GitHub:

Conversational app

Text generation app

The fastest way to use the WebApp Template is to click "Use this template" on GitHub, which is equivalent to forking a new repository. Then you need to configure the Cyberwisdom TalentBot LLMops App ID and API Key, like this:


More config in config/index.ts:

export const APP_INFO: AppInfo = {
  "title": 'Chat APP',
  "description": '',
  "copyright": '',
  "privacy_policy": '',
  "default_language": 'zh-Hans'

export const isShowPrompt = true
export const promptTemplate = ''

Each WebApp Template provides a README file containing deployment instructions. Usually, WebApp Templates contain a lightweight backend service to ensure that developers' API keys are not directly exposed to users.

These WebApp Templates can help you quickly build prototypes of AI applications and use all the capabilities of Cyberwisdom TalentBot LLMops. If you develop your own applications or new templates based on them, feel free to share with us.

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