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For over 20 years, Cyberwisdom has understood that the ultimate learning goal is to boost our corporate productivity and achieve business results for our clients, so we take our integrated learning services and technology directly to them. With our flagship Learning Management System, wizBank 7.0, we understand that the content team is one of the pillars of client support. Our business-oriented approach has created eLearning content that engages learners, improves learning outcomes, and makes training faster and more efficient, all based on our sound principles to drive the success of every project.


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Our content team combines expertise in project management, instructional, creative, graphic, and animation design, and the latest technologies to deliver the best in digital learning design and production.

Cyberwisdom works closely with leading global organisations to understand their training content development needs, their business goals, and their unique environments.

Cyberwisdom Content Team

Cyberwisdom’s content team can provide off-the-shelf content from a vast eLearning library. More importantly, they offer dedicated, cost-effective and engaging custom content, combined with an in-depth understanding of learning design and best practices and the latest eLearning technologies, to create training solutions that really work.

Our mission is to build truly engaging and cost-effective eLearning content that our learners love. All content is in a structured, open and standard learning format which allows for easy maintenance, updating and renewal – something we recognise as an important issue for clients.

Our Mission
The Best Instructional Designers

The best instructional designers take their time to understand who their learners are and what knowledge or skill they should develop to achieve the desired behavior and cover any performance gaps. Then they choose the best combination of learning modalities: digital learning, micro-learning, job-aids, and action planners to help transfer their skills to their job.

Cyberwisdom instructional design teams use a systematic approach to developing an effective and memorable learning experience. We taken the view that most eLearning is too static or too gimmicky, so we’ve concentrated our resources on providing rich but highly practical content that yields measurable results.

Cyberwisdom Instructional Design Teams
Create A Learning Solution

The award-winning instructional designers at Cyberwisdom will collaborate with you to create a learning solution that will have a real impact on your learners and your business.


Cyberwisdom knows that a good content team must talk to a business and understand the objectives and pain points that an organization wants to tackle. Without this deep understanding, it is impossible to get the targeted learning results.

Understand business goals:
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One of our team’s proudest achievements is our extensive project experience across most industries, covering many topics among those top-tier clients. This means that we can understand quickly and respond accurately to our clients’ needs, including giving proactive advice.

Sharing experience:

Cyberwisdom understands that no matter how well a corporation is established, there will always be cases outside of their expertise in this ever-changing business environment. This is why, in addition to our massive project experience, we also have strong partnerships with subject matter experts around the globe. That is an unparallel advantages of Cyberwisdom.

Strong partner of SME:
Easy Navigation:

Cyberwisdom uses both the UX and copy to make the purpose and expectations of each part of the training clear for the learner so they can focus on attaining the learning skills.

Engaging, Contextualized Content:

Learning is most effective when there is a clear connection to how the new information can be used on the job. This means we try to bring as much of the work environment and the real issues learners face into the training as we can. Adding an effective feedback loop or an interactive video are examples of how to enhance that learner’s experience.

Targeted Activities: 

We look at the learner’s motivation, knowledge, and skill gaps to create a learner experience that will make the greatest impact while respecting the learner’s time. Incorporating activities like microlearning, interactive video and gamification are some options.


Transfer and Performance Support Tools: 

Training is only successful if learners apply their skills to real life. This is accomplished by including job-aids, action-planners, and prompts for them to take to their managers.