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“If you don’t grow, you die.”

That’s what American economist Theodore William Schultz said. Economic development and “human capital”— defined as the powerful combination of education, talent, energy, and will — earned him the 1979 Nobel Prize for Economics. The concept of continual growth is one that we applaud wholeheartedly and it appies to corporate if employees don't get the best way learn and keep learning.

How to let sales people instantly master the latest product knowledge and marketing techniques no matter where you are?

wizLibrary Off the Shelf business courseware solutions provide you with a wide variety of engaging and effective learning content through advanced wizBank LMS platforms or installed in your own LMS. We also allow our courseware to be installed in your own LMS. Our ongoing partnership and professional team can help your organization strategically align training to meet business goals and promote a culture of learning.

wizLibrary innovative and engaging instructional design allow learners to learn in ways that make sense for them and unleash infinite possibilities with.

1. Extensive course library with new development from 2020.

2. Unique perspective from Global and Asia.

3. Courses developed based on the science of learning.
4. 24/7 free cloud access to all courses.
5. Courses for every step of your career.
6. Over 30 millions learners benefits from Cyberwisdom Content team.
13 popular business Off-the-shelf Courseware
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Additional corporate label:

Some organizations want to engage learners even more, so we provide an option for organizations to attach an additional logo service to wizLibrary.

100% customizable:

If you found our wizLibrary to be a good fit for your organization, we can also build customizable content for you with our full library of ready-made options. We understand that it is extremely costly for you to build your own library, but with wizLibrary, we enable you to build one while leveraging our IP and customizing it for your organization.

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wizLibrary enables organizations to provide a personalized learning roadmap for their employees.

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Make sales simple

Boost your sales power and engage teams through targeted learning roadmap.

Develop your future

Give your people the skills they want and your business needs by investing in learning that helps your workforce grow.

Drive transformation

Build proactive workforce powered bywizLibrary learning insights.