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Our Interview

HKTDC Research

This is our honor and pleasure to have interview with HKTDC about Digital Enterprise Learning Transformation in Asia .

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Why we do

To stay competitive

In today's rapidly changing business environment, your organization has an ever-growing need to provide timely and effective training and learning to your staff.

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How we do

Through Technology & Interaction

Our brand is the synonym of state-of-the-art technology, validated e-learning content and unparalleled innovative e-learning design.

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What we do


Our award-winning team has successfully delivered hundreds of e-learning & mobile learning projects to address organisational learning needs.

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wizBank™ e‑Learning Platform

Enterprise‑level LMS designed to support your learning culture.

Off-the- shelf Courseware

Wide variety of courses include soft skill, IT knowledge & compliance topics.

Custom Content Design

Excellent content production is tailored as per your needs.

Mobile Learning Solution

Learning occurs anytime and anywhere on mobile device.

Game- based Learning

Learning through online immersive Gamification cloud platform.


  • Cyberwisdom Soft Skill course
    Cyberwisdom Soft Skill course


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  • Skillsoft e-Learning
    Skillsoft e-Learning


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  • Microsoft Office course
    Microsoft Office course


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  • Information Security Compliance
    Information Security Compliance


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Your First Choice for Quality E-Learning Solutions

Welcome to Cyberwisdom, where you will find a wide range of e-learning solutions to suit your needs. As a company with offices throughout China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, we have developed a trusted name when it comes to world class electronic learning products. With innovative products and services, we can assist a variety of clients, whether they are corporations or governments.

For your business needs With the business environment growing and changing every day esp in mobile age, it is important to find innovative ways to stay competitive and build your organization. With an effective enterprise e-learning and mobile learning application, businesses are able to streamline their processes and train their staff in a timely and effective manner. With a range of e-Learning solutions available to help you manage all of your business education requirements, we can assist clients in a number of areas to ensure quality performance from employees. Just some of our options include: Compliance – an enterprise e-learning application can be tailored to ensure your employees obey laws, regulations and guidelines in your industry. e-Learning Courseware – select from a range of topics including business English, customer service, office skills, investment and more. On-boarding – make sure your employees are familiarised with the overall goals of your company without the fuss with an effective on-boarding process. Gamification – take a new outlook on education and engage your users more effectively.

Learning Made Easy With the development of technology, education has shifted from the traditional classroom to e-learning, mobile learning and blended learning. Here at Cyberwisdom, we can offer mobile learning solutions that are beneficial to both corporate staffs, learners and training administrator. With interactive activities and the ability to study wherever and whenever you like, education has never been simpler. If you would like to learn more about our range of e-learning solutions or to see how an enterprise application can assist you in your business, please get in touch with the Cyberwisdom professional team today.