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100% Customized Enterprise
e-Learning and CPD solution
to fulfill your Business Needs

Enterprise‑level LMS designed to support your learning culture.

Learning occurs anytime and anywhere on mobile device.

Learning through online immersive Gamification cloud platform.

Off-the- shelf Courseware

Wide variety of courses include soft skill, IT knowledge & compliance topics.




wizBank7.0™ e‑Learning Platform

Enterprise‑level LMS designed to support your organizational learning culture and compliance



Custom Content Design

Excellent content design and production tailored to your organizational needs.



Off-the-shelf Courseware

wizLibrary offers a wide variety of courses including soft skills, IT knowledge and compliance topics.

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Cyberwisdom CPD Management Engine

Continuous Professional Development CPD engine ensures corporate compliant without legal risk




AI Consulting

As Asia leading AI team, we’re ready to help drive your business further using the latest technologies, products, software and tools that maximise productivity and unearth key business insights.

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Digital Business Process Outsourcing

Cyberwisdom incorporates the best talent, process management, experience and technology to support your learning process outsourcing


wizBank7.0™ Enterprise Digital Learning Platform

wizBank enterprise e-Learning platform is a suite of integrated modules that manages the entire life cycle of training management, CPD management, learning and development. Cyberwisdom offers state-of-the-art learning technology with Bebox Private customized cloud, Bebox SAAS cloud and On-Premise options for your organizational needs.


Cyberwisdom wizBank Mobile Learning Solution

wizBank Mobile Solution
Corporate elearning solutions

Custom Content Design

With our over 150 creative content designers and technologists, we are highly trained educational and compliance experts with vast digital learning,  instructional and enterprise metavese experience. Cyberwisdom makes sure that all projects enjoy our professional consulting before, after and in between e-Learning projects and training programmes esp for CPD and compliance area.

Custom Content Design

Digital Business Process Outsourcing

Cyberwisdom is helping you to optimize digital talent workforce performance and productivity, Cyberwisdom Digital BPO as a service (BAAS) are not mere institutions that reduce the operational costs of the business but involved to play a significant role in enhancing the operational efficiency and as a strategic partner that adds value and aids in the digital transformation approach of their clients. 

Digital BPOs can play a significant role in introducing the benefits of digital transformation to their clients and help clients evolve digitally at a lower cost and help them achieve higher operational efficiency.

The day-to-day activities and process of the world are getting digitized at a remarkable speed and most of the back end support are being conducted online, and this requires businesses to embrace digitalization for providing value to the customers and stay ahead of the competition. 

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Intelligent Digital Business Process Outsourcing


Enterprise Clients