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The most affordable e-Learning and CPD solution


Building your training shouldn't take weeks or even months. wizBank Bebox Corporate cloud LMS is ideal for small to medium companies and can even be used by beginners. Bebox Corp was built with ease of use in mind. With all the tools you need to upload your existing training content or design it from scratch, you will never spend time figuring out how it works.
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SMEs can save money, time, energy, and resources by switching to the intuitive, easy Bebox Corp learning management system. With TalentLMS, everything is just a few clicks away no matter who uses it. It’s simple, understandable, and ready-to-use whether you’re building an online course for the first or the hundredth time.
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We understand that even the smallest company needs good support. No matter what the size of our clients using Bebox Corp, we have a dedicated client service for you and a list of value-added solutions for your choice.
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Another unparallel advantage is that if you later find yourself with customization requirements, upgrading to the customizable Bebox Enterprise mode is hassle-free. When your business grows, additional security and functions are necessary, and it may be that the off-the-shelf wizBank Bebox Corp mode no longer satisfies your needs. Cyberwisdom offers a perfect upgrade path for all our clients, so that you don't need to worry about data migration, course migration and other IT requirements. It is all done by our professional team.

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wizBank SaaS Bebox Cloud
Bebox Corp e-Learning platform is a suite of integrated modules that manages the entire life cycle of education and development.
It covers the areas of competency assessment, course authoring, enrollment and approval, course delivery, online assessments, progress tracking, course evaluation and reporting.

The rich functionality, configurable design, scalable architecture and flexible deployment option of this enterprise e-learning system make the platform of choice for corporations, SMEs and educational institutes to manage the learning process. It provides a cost-effective solution for enterprises with multiple locations and complex organisational structure. It conforms to major international e-learning standards (such as AICC, SCORM) to ensure seamless interoperability and integration with most off-the-shelf online courseware and enterprise applications, such as ERP and HRMS.

Easy steps, exclusive enterprise learning platform can be used on-line

The Bebox mobile learning platform product team will provide a series of personalized configurations, project application planning, training and so on.
System settings
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Training data setting
System operation training
System on-line
In a week, the mobile learning platform can be quickly Online

Legal and technical aspects of ensuring data and user information security

​Phase 1

Kickoff Project

Our goal is to build a long-term strategy to achieve your learning and development goals, starting with successful adoption of your learning platform.
During this meeting, we'll review your project's goals and deployment timelines.

​Phase 2

Use Case Discovery & Planning

We'll delve into your specific use cases, which will inform upcoming implementation sessions and deliverables.
Your implementation specialist will develop a custom implementation journey and ensure you have everything needed to get started and begin configuring your system to your specifications.

​Phase 3

Training, Organization & Configuration

Our learning and support specialists will deliver a series of targeted learning modules and share best practices.
After each module, you will be able to configure the related part of the system on your own.
Your implementation specialist will conduct follow-up calls after each step.

​Phase 4

Testing Period

To ensure that you are ready to roll out your new platform we will assist you in developing a strategy for a "soft launch" to test out the platform with a small number of beta users.
Together we'll verify that your use cases are being met by the final configuration and that everyone is happy with the result.

​Phase 5

Final Review

We'll review feedback from your soft launch together and help you incorporate any required changes into your platform.
We'll complete a final walkthrough of the topics covered during the implementation process and confirm that all objectives have been met.

​Phase 6

Transition to Customer Success

At the end of the implementation process,your Customer Success Manager will take over as your point of contact and advocate at Bebox.

​Phase 6
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