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Reporting & Statistic

wizBank Mobile Learning provides a series of e-learning reports such as Learner Progress Report, Courses Evaluation Report, Examinations statistic, Training Cost & Expenses Reports, and CPD compliance etc. for your further analysis and helps you set your organization up for success.


Take informed actions based on real-time information, rich visual data and custom learning analytics


Real-time tracking

Catch and correct problems quickly with real-time information across your training hub


Data visualization

Understand your data with crystal clear visuals of your most important training details


Learner progress

Stay informed of learners’ progress on key metrics like course completion status and CPD update

Learn from your learners and analyze your content with data for course creators and decision makers

Custom reports

With our flexible LMS reporting engine, you can choose to track only the information your organization needs.

  • Use custom filters to build the type of LMS reports that will help you make better decisions

  • Get clear-cut, downloadable and actionable reports every time


Training infographic

Get a clear snapshot of your training with our one-of-a-kind infographic. It’s the LMS reporting feature you’ll use most often to check in on important metrics.

  • View the number of users, courses, and groups in training

  • See course completion and test pass rates

  • Study the way learners interact with your content

What your learners see

Training is ultimately about the learner. To keep them motivated we offer downloadable and printable user infographics, as well as micro-stats.

  • Progress updates, i.e. courses they’re enrolled in, time spent on training, courses completed   

  • See their achievements, i.e. pass rate, number of certificates awarded, badges earned

  • CPD completion once wizBank CPD engine is deployed

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