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Training Center

The idea of the Training Center is to allow Enterprise or Corporate users with a group of companies,  branches or different subsidiaries to isolate their training management from each other's in a single powerful Learning Management System (LMS) - wizBank7.0 Mobile Learning.

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Concept of Bebox Training Center

Isolated Training Center, which means separate from all aspects such as Group of Companies, Branches, Departments, Course contents, history, and user data, etc.

With the Isolated Training Center, all its data and information's etc. can be only seen and manage by themselves or the training center at a higher level.

Such design is to allow the user to have a good management structure to achieve a time & material saving and also simplify the complexity of learning management.

It allows users to create different training center according to the different requirement or arrangement by the company.


Advantages of Training Center of wizBank Mobile Learning

  • Easy to Maintain and monitoring the Training Center Activities.

  • Allow Isolated Training center to manage their own data without interfering with others.

  • Speed up the efficiency of the training center admin as they will not be distracted by irrelevant data from other training centers.

  • Low risks of sensitive data disclosure, with the Isolated training center, sensitive information will be control and only will be targeted to the correct learners.

  • Can be utilized to grouping users from different departments or divisions so the learners will not see courses or information which is not meant for them.

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