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wizBank LMS Features

wizBank LMS Features

wizBank7.0 enterprise e-Learning platform is a suite of integrated modules that manages the entire life cycle of education, learning and development.


It covers the areas of course authoring, enrollment and approval, course delivery, classroom facility booking, online assessments, progress tracking, course evaluation and reporting. The rich functionality, configurable design, scalable architecture and flexible deployment option of this enterprise e-learning system make the platform of choice for corporations, SMEs and educational institutes to manage the learning process.


wizBank offers different kind of deployment which suits different corporate reuquirements. It provides a cost-effective solution for enterprises with multiple locations and complex organisational structure. It conforms to major international e-learning standards (such as AICC, SCORM) to ensure seamless interoperability and integration with most off-the-shelf online courseware and enterprise applications, such as ERP and HRMS.

Incentive and reward system
With a complete learning incentive system, you can earn "points" by learning knowledge, taking exams, and playing games. Points are used to open up "Learning/Activity Welfare System", making the learning incentive system an important operation method of the learning ecology, and creating a more active and social learning ecological environment. According to the business needs, the points/user level system can be also customized. It is a gamificated application so that our employee motivation can be rewarded through learning or other activities in the working environment.
Gamification and QRcode application
wizBank allows you to utilize our client to use  new technologies and new forms of learning to provide users with a innovative learning experience. In addition to our corporate formal training and learning, we can design, implement and utliize any kind of mobile experience such as QRcode to upgrade our current learning activities.
Project type Learning Course 
Training department can also put different modules into a project, while we can set different form of learning into that project. Participants can study repeatedly, and they can comment on the course and the instructor and give points after the study is over
Assessment and Exam 
Students can use the mobile terminal to participate in the assessment, regardless of geographical restrictions, and can know the results in time
Activity task
Students can receive company training and exam information in time through the Magic Academy APP and WeChat Enterprise Account
Community interaction
Students can receive company training and exam information in time through the Magic Academy APP and WeChat Enterprise Account
Knowledge sharing  
Students can receive company training and exam information in time through the Magic Academy APP and WeChat Enterprise Account
Learning track

Participants can quickly check the length of study, pass rate of assessment, etc., and witness their own growth step by step