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What is enterprise LLMops?

LLMOps = MLOps + LLM:  

Operating Large Language Models and MLOps Platform for enterprise 

A Magical Enterprise AI Application Creation Experience

In TalentBot LLMops Platform, an "application" refers to a real-world scenario application built on large language models such as GPT for enterprise. By creating an application, you can apply intelligent AI technology to specific needs. It encompasses both the engineering paradigms for developing AI applications and the specific deliverables.

Future AI applications will transform the way you engage with your customers by leveraging cutting-edge self-service technology that delivers a human-like experience. Utilize advanced data analytics , dedicated and secure dataset and generative AI to identify brand-specific actions that drive growth. 

In short, an application delivers to enterprise developers:
  • A user-friendly, encapsulated LLM API that can be called directly by backend or frontend applications with token authentication


  • A ready-to-use, beautiful, and hosted Web App that you can develop further using the Web App templates


  • A set of easy-to-use interfaces for Prompt Engineering, context management, log analysis, and annotation



TalentBot Enterprise LLMops

Enterprise Platform for Large Language Models

Customize and optimize enterprise LLM applications with the power to ship differentiated smart applications with AI.You can choose one or all of them to support your AI application development.

Application Types

TalentBot offers two types of applications:

Text based generation (Assistant) 

Application based ( RPA bots) applications.

Talentbot offers two types of applications: text generation and conversational. More application paradigms may appear in the future (we should keep up-to-date), and the ultimate goal of Talentbot is to cover more than 80% of typical LLM application scenarios.

As an enterprise business leaders and application developer, you have the opportunity to connect LLMs to your system and enhance their capabilities. You can add context to the LLM through prompt stuffing or create a chain of events and LLM calls to achieve specific tasks. Additionally, LLMs can act as agents, making decisions and taking action with approval and process setting.


Talentbots enterprise LLMops can help you transform raw LLM calls into specialized task solvers by assisting you in creating effective prompts, evaluating them, and conducting A/B testing and monitoring when they are deployed. With Talentbots, you can also integrate LLMs with your existing enterprise systems.


How can TalenetBot Enterprise AI platform be customized

Chato can set characters and learn from its own knowledge base, customizing exclusive robots with unique personalities and super abilities

Role setting

Give the robot a basic role, which could be Customer service, sales, trainers, marketers, industry experts And so on, make the robot more in line with your business image.

Upload documents and build a knowledge base

Create a knowledge base by entering documents or questions and answers, Let the robot learn, and depending on how well the robot is trained,Documents can be deleted or replaced at any time


Multi-terminal distribution channels

Meet a variety of business scenarios, for you to serve all channels of customers.

Including web pages, wechat groups, JS embedded web pages, access API,

More release forms continue to upgrade

Provide sources for answers

Support demo  acceptance before release,The

robot's answers can be accompanied by documentation sources,The answer is reasonable and well-founded, and the training effect is satisfactory before being released

View data

Usage data can be viewed,

Master the effect of robot knowledge service.

Based on the data report, the robot can be further optimized,

Make it more accurate to answer business knowledge

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