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Cyberwisdom Digital Business Process Outsourcing
Talent and HR operations services

Cyberwisdom DBPO is helping you optimize digital workforce performance and productivity, leveraging data-driven operations that fuel how Human Resources delivers value with our professional team.


Earlier, the prime driver behind outsourcing was the cost-saving it brings to a business. 

Companies preferred to outsource the routine tasks that are usually non-critical and instead focus on their co/re activities. The technological advancements have changed the scenario and placed a different set of expectations on the DBPOs.

Today, Digital BPO service providers are not mere institutions that reduce the operational costs of the business. They have evolved to play a significant role in enhancing the operational efficiency and as a strategic partner that adds value and aids in the digital transformation approach of their clients.


Business no longer requires a heavy back office to support their Finance, Social Media Promotion, Talent Support Service and what corporate needs are services that leverage the latest technologies and provide end-to-end digital support.

Digital BPOs can play a significant role in introducing the benefits of digital transformation to their clients. Continue reading to understand how BPOs can help clients evolve digitally at a lower cost and help them achieve higher operational efficiency.

Digital transformation with the aid of business process outsourcing

The day-to-day activities of the world are getting digitized at a remarkable speed. Most transactions are being conducted online, and this requires businesses to embrace digitalization for providing value to the customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Digital transformation strategies should follow a holistic approach where both front office and back office operations are successfully included in the transition. It is essential to optimize the basic functions such as finance, accounting, and human resources to the digital platforms. However, for many organizations, it might not be feasible to invest in high-end technological infrastructure. Cyberwisdom Digital Process Outsourcing can help businesses by offering these advanced tools at lower costs.

Disruptive technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and virtualization have transformed the BPO landscape. The outsourcing industry has incorporated these technologies into their services and provides its clients with customized solutions that maximize ROI.

  • DBPOs offer affordable cloud computing services to their clients. Cloud computing provides huge cost savings and reduces the dependence on in-house servers. BPO’s meet the clients’ needs through SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS cloud computing technologies.

  • Through advanced instant messaging, communication, task management and other advanced tools, process automation, record and tracking are eliminating repetitive tasks in most industries. DBPOs can incorporate these technologies into their operations to improve service deliverability and offer cost-effective automation to the clients with much lower cost of remote management.

  • DBPOs can offer automated answering systems for customer support. This can include chatbots that use machine learning and provide customized service. These solutions can help companies to provide effective 24/7 customer service at a reduced cost.

  • Digital marketing or social media marketing is gaining acceptance as an important marketing strategy. BPOs have stepped to offer customized and result-driven digital marketing campaigns for their customers.

With decades of digital talents recruitment and training expertise, Cyberwisdom DBPO esp on finance, digital learning and CPD experience in the corporate learning and knowledge industry, Social Media promotion with unique insights into specific solutions that serve the needs of different customer segments, industries, maturity of digitization and size of organizations.

Why do companies outsource to Cyberwisdom BPO?

There are many reasons why companies choose to outsource part of their business operations to Cyberwisdom. Most of these reasons tie back to helping the company stay more competitive by lowering costs or improving the quality of the outsourced process.

Reduce operational costs

Outsourcing with a company that specializes in the services provided is often less expensive than hiring the people and purchasing the equipment, software and space needed to manage the process in-house. That’s because the service provider specializes in the area and has developed a more efficient process.

Improve service quality

Service providers can often deliver higher quality services because they specialize in the services they offer. 

Focus on business coreBy outsourcing support services or administrative processes, businesses are able to redirect their energy and time toward the core processes that drive value for the business.

Improve access to the right talent

Hiring and managing employees is expensive, and needs can fluctuate over time. Outsourcing helps companies manage the cost of hiring and remain competitive by increasing access to qualified applicants outside the immediate business area.


Maintain agility

Outsourcing makes it easier for companies to scale up or down quickly as the competitive landscape changes.

Improve service quality

Service providers can often deliver higher quality services because they specialize in the services they offer. 

Focus on business coreBy outsourcing support services or administrative processes, businesses are able to redirect their energy and time toward the core processes that drive value for the business.

What types of business processes can be outsourced?

Many types of processes are candidates for outsourcing. That includes IT service, customer support, finance processes, marketing, human resources processes (such as recruiting or payroll), or data entry. Other processes may also be outsourced depending on the industry, company, and competitive space.

Transformation of DBPO Services

Previously, the primary reason for outsourcing was to save a company money. Companies choose to outsource non-critical daily tasks and concentrate on their core operations. As a result of technological advancements, the scenario has changed, and digital business process outsourcing DBPO now face a new set of demands.


Now companies are outsourcing the services like Intelligent Finance Operations, Software maintenance and administration, Marketing management, Customer Operations,and many more.

BPO service providers are no longer simply institutions that assist businesses in lowering their operating expenses. They've evolved into a key player in increasing operational efficiency, as well as a strategic partner who adds value and supports their clients' digital transformation efforts. In business, an accounting back office is no longer required. They require services that make use of cutting-edge technology and provide complete digital assistance.

BPO service provider can help their clients understand the benefits of digital transformation. Continue reading to learn how BPOs can help clients become more technologically savvy at a lower cost.


Business Process Outsourcing and Digital Change


The world's daily activities are being digitalized at an astonishing rate. The majority of transactions are now completed online, necessitating the adoption of digitization by businesses in order to provide value to customers and stay ahead of the competition.

Digital transformation initiatives should take a holistic approach, ensuring the successful integration of both front-end and back-end activities. Finance, accounting, and human resources must all be optimised for digital platforms. Many businesses, on the other hand, may not be able to afford to invest in cutting-edge technology infrastructure. Businesses may benefit from BPO service providers who can provide these cutting-edge tools at a lower cost.

Cloud computing instant messaging, video conferencing software and many collaboration tools are just a few of the disruptive technologies that have altered the BPO industry. The business process outsourcing (BPO) industry has incorporated these technologies into its services and provides tailored solutions that maximise clients' return on investment.

BPOs offer low-cost cloud computing services to clients. Cloud computing saves money and eliminates the need for on-premises servers. To meet the needs of their clients, BPOs use cloud computing technologies such as SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic process automation are removing monotonous work in most industries. These technologies can be integrated into BPO operations to improve service delivery and provide cost-effective automation to clients.

BPOs can provide automated response systems for customer service. This category includes chatbots that use machine learning to provide personalised service. These technologies can help businesses provide excellent customer service 24/7/365

Digital marketinglike social media marketing on facebook, Google etcis gaining popularity as a viable marketing strategy. BPOs have stepped up to provide personalised and result-driven digital marketing strategies to their customers.

What are the benefits of Cyberwisdom BPO


Saves a significant amount of time

Processes in Business Outsourcing enable you to accomplish more in less time. When you outsource a task, you reduce your employees' workload, allowing them to focus on more important tasks. It also makes your employees happy, which leads to higher output and efficiency.

Outsourcing saves money

You can save a significant amount of money by outsourcing the task. Manpower is a significant expense for a business, and the recruitment process is both time-consuming and costly. If you want to save money, Outsourcing the non-core work is the best way to save the money. It also helps to save money on hiring new employees and building the infrastructure.

Manpower on a project-by-project basis

You will be assigned short-term projects from time to time. Hiring full-time employees is time-consuming and expensive, but by working on a contract basis, Cyberwisdom BPOs make your job easier for you. All you have to do now is provide them with a timetable and a procedure to follow. Outsourcing will have no effect on the company's day-to-day operations.

Aids in competing with larger corporations

Cyberwisdom BPOs are suitable for small and medium-sized businesses. When non-primary duties are outsourced to Cyberwisdom, you can devote your full attention to primary operations, resulting in increased productivity. Outsourcing labour to BPOs, on the other hand, implies that your company will have more efficient specialists working for it, which will result in greater creativity and make it easier to compete with your competitors.

Digital transformation refers to the use of modern technology to create new – or modify existing – company processes, culture, and consumer experiences together with Cyberwisdom digital learning solution, we train up both internal staffs and staffs under Cyberwisdom BPO service. This digital-age reimagining of business gives companies the tools they need to stay competitive and meet changing market demands.

This type of transformation looks beyond traditional sales, marketing, and customer service jobs to examine how businesses think about and interact with customers. By utilising new technology, organisations have the opportunity to re-examine how they do business. This will pave the way for significant growth, allowing them to improve the customer experience and venture into previously unimaginable areas.



What is Cyberwisdom Managed Data Migration?

In the context of the Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) process, any Data Migration process would at least cover the load and transform steps and this involves huge amount of skilled talents in short period of time. This implies that the extracted data has to go through a series of operations in preparation and the process is always expensive, time consuming and requires a lot of technical and human effort in a relatively short period of time. Cyberwisdom has years of experience in Managed Data Migration by our Digital Business Process Outsourcing team.

Irrespective of the exact purpose of Data Migration, the primary goal is to enhance competitiveness and performance. If a Data Migration process is not carried out correctly, it can lead to inaccurate data (redundancies and unknowns) occupying space in the target location. This might even happen if the source data is fully adequate and usable.

An organization may carry out Data Migration while Cyberwisdom can greatly help the task to be finished:

  • Establishing a New Data Warehouse

  • Overhauling an Entire System

  • Upgrading Databases

  • Merging New Data from an Acquisition

  • Deploying Additional Systems  


Everything starts with Cyberwisdom groundbreaking BPO solution based on Talent and Technology.



Professional Managed Learning Team in Cyberwisdom

Our Cyberwisdom consultants will work with various stakeholders within
your organization to identify and define the right digital learning, compliance and CPD approach. With the expertise and guidance, your organization will be able to develop and implement a digital learning strategy that is well thought-out, robust and cost-efficient.

cyberwisdom website

Provide right direction to learning solutions

Cyberwisdom can help with product positioning and solutions messaging to provide the right direction to your learning solutions and compliance requirement, even though we have the strongest matrix of 100% customizable Enterprise Learning and assessment Platform and CPD engine- wizBank ourselves, we are always happy to understand your business requirement and also the requirement of content digitization.

Cyberwisdom experience in digital learning builds a comprehensive business plan encompassing a variety of strategic dimensions. Cyberwisdom together with our technology guru and digital content designer provides a wide range of strategic services to sharpen our digital learning solutions from a business planning point of view. No matter how unique your learning solution is, sustaining business growth depends a lot on strategic financial planning. Cyberwisdom business analysis skills, industry insight, and strategic financial acumen can recommend learning strategies that will keep you away from any kind of financial mire.

Recommend learning strategies for financial security


Comprehensive solutions in Cyberwisdom

Deciding on a direction for your e-learning strategy can be challenging. What are the available technology options within the e-learning market? What is the best way to structure the content? How much course interaction do learners need? Our digital learning consultants are to help you every step of the way.

Consumer Education.jpg

What makes Cyberwisdom competitive in managed learning service ?


  • Planning and blueprinting: Cyberwisdom work with you to help create the business case, define the learning strategy, build stakeholder consensus, and define the end goal

  • Design and build: We help you identify gaps, assess out-of-the-box solutions, and conduct feasibility checks. Then we use our accelerators to deliver your solution at speed with wizBank, LMS and other digital learning tools

  • Testing and data migration: We conduct integration and user acceptance testing, assessing the data build, performing mock tests, and accelerating data cleansing for training operation

  • Training and change management: We empower your people with appropriate training, standard operating procedures, and change communications with day to day closed partnership with our clients

  • Launch and aftercare: We provide a variety of aftercare services, LMS and other applications management services, and business process outsourcing solutions with exceptional talents at your language and culture

Rich Experience

Cyberwisdom has over 50 experienced consultants ,100 technology experts and over 120 digital content design and production teams.

Specialized system

Cyberwisdom has the strongest matrix of 100% customizable Enterprise Learning and assessment System- wizBank .

Full Service

 Digital learning consultants and CPD experts of Cyberwisdom are to help you every step for your e-learning strategy.

Financial Security

Cyberwisdom business analysis skills, industry insight, and strategic financial acumen can recommend learning strategies that will keep you away from any kind of financial mire.

Experience the digital learning solution Now

Cyberwisdom has helped over 5 millions of learners to get their Learning Management Platform, CPD system and Bespoke Content implemented

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