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Cyberwisdom BAAS BPO as a Service as a new Transformative model to cut your corporate overhead by 35% 


Cyberwisdom Digital Business Process Outsourcing
BAAS solution


Enterprises  need to revisit their talent and resources strategy and prioritize digital skills by all means. The accelerated pace of digital transformation and a hybrid working environment have put a new emphasis on reskilling and upskilling the existing workforce, companies made significant investments in recruiting new talent and train and retain them.


All of this pressure on an already thin talent pool requires planning, and we need a new way to solv ethe talent problem.


Cyberwisdom digital BPO as a service provides an innovative way into new management, new major technology, new way of outsourcing, and much cost effective way to do talent-related tasks which will shape the market and presents recommendations to organizations on how to cope with a digital talent shortage without headache, particularly in nearshore environments, closer to where the companies originates with a hybrid way of co-woring.

Cyberwisdom BAAS has the following strategies:


Perform a digital talent audit and build a robust talent strategy.

  • Enterprises must realize that good talent is more and more demanding and in high competition in recruiting and maintaining them

  • Digital transformation goal is not easy, it is always not an easy way to do without a professional consultant team esp with experience whether to do HR outsourcing or BPO.

  • Businesses need to do an internal talent audit to identify digital skills in shortage and rethink talent strategies and how to solve the talent problems to fulfill the business requirement and what is the core part to invest on.

  • Both hard digital/technology skills and positions as well as positions with soft digital skills have a role to play.

  • How to develop a self-learning environment that drives development of skills, maintain morale and meet management standard.

  • Businesses must employ different strategies and use technology to reskill/upskill employees both for internal staffs and external staffs, but will need to invest huge amount of time and money on this, such as reskilling/upskilling programs, e-learning solutions, and partnerships with academic institutions

  • As businesses pivot to hybrid working, they must reevaluate business goals and IT workforce strategies. 

  • Reinvent talent management, development, recruitment and training workflow to close the digital talent gap with most advanced technology and total solution, usually with consultancy from external party.

  • Across the talent transformation value chain spanning digital talent acquisition, digital talent development, and talent retention, companies is not easy to redeploy strategies and technology to hire/recruit talent, attract diverse talent pools, and improve overall learning and development internally.

  • Employee experience and well-being are other key, post-pandemic focus areas, but all these need professional team to deploy such as contant training, CPD management, e-Learning, gamification, and using digital technologies to create new employee experiences.



“Enterprises are seeking assistance to address the digital talent gap but need innovative thinking.


Cyberwisdom BAAS are here to solve this problem with scaling internal reskilling/upskilling programs to respond and fill the gap with management, technology and interaction. We provide the fastest and most innovative way to bridge the gap, along with proactive internal and external resources.” 

Experience the digital learning solution Now

Cyberwisdom has helped over 5 millions of learners to get their Learning Management Platform, CPD system and Bespoke Content implemented

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