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wizBank 7.0 is a new generation of corporate university learning management platform, from now to the future

The new generation wizBank 7.0 LMS is an enterprise-level LMS, based on the concept of directly helping enterprises to improve learning and performance and manage CPD. It redefines traditional enterprise online learning products with new design concepts and technical architecture, and sublimates easily into an enterprise's employee capabilities, knowledge, training resources, and business management platform tools.

Mature and existing functions with full-featured modular systems can support fast deployment and full customization afterwards.


We understand that some organizations who must store exceptionally sensitive information, especially in the finance, banking and insurance industries or even the military, are not allowed to distribute this content over the internet even when the highest security standard is deployed.

wizBank On-Premise solution can allow 100% customization and 100% flexibility in terms of deployment, no matter what the corporate IT environment is going to be. Our professional IT team, product team and project management team will join forces to support clients at the highest level.

Advantages of wizBank On-Premise deployment

wizBank can be deployed on client premise or client private cloud


The On-premise solution can make sure all the important data stored inside an enterprise


Dedicated server resources, bandwidth and storage


Dedicated Database, middleware and all the software


100% customization based on business requirement


Tailor-made and developed according to the needs of enterprises even in the source- code level


Be deeply integrated with the business, provide various business and compliance scenario solutions, and directly help companies to improve employee performance. This is an indispensable learning and CPD management platform for corporate management organizational capabilities and human capital in the VACU era.

cyberwisdom wizBank

The three major innovations that promote the corporate university platform once again lead.


From pure enterprise learning system to enterprise capability resource management platform


From department-level tools to enterprise-level management systems


From learning ability to competitiveness

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