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CPD management software system wizBank Cyberwisdom

Online CPD for Cyberwisdom

CPD for Cyberwisdom is an online tool enabling your members and employees to easily record and reflect on CPD activities as part of their professional continued professional development portfolio (CPD Portfolio) needs.

How does it work?

CPD forCyberwisdom Automates your entire CPD management and administrative needs , it is easy for members to use across multiple devices and can be seamlessly integrated into your existing WordPress website. 

CPD management software system wizBank Cyberwisdom
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CPD management software system wizBank Cyberwisdom

Online CPD Recording

Enable effortless CPD recording for your members

CPD management software system wizBank Cyberwisdom

CPD Audit

Select a random percentage of your CPD users for a CPD audit

CPD management software system wizBank Cyberwisdom

CPD Points

Set points for each CPD category, also manage maximum allowable points.

CPD management software system wizBank Cyberwisdom

CPD Events

Automatically feed booked events through to a member’s CPD record

CPD management software system wizBank Cyberwisdom

CPD Cycles

Control and manage your CPD cycles with ease

CPD management software system wizBank Cyberwisdom

Shared Learning Resources

Manage a collection of learning resources with flexible searching

Our online CPD system comes with a number of features to suit your organisational needs. Should you require any bespoke functionality we would certainly be able to either accommodate this as part of your particular installation or as a roadmap feature.

A tried and tested CPD software platform in place on a number of Membership based Cyberwisdom websites!

Incredible platform-wide flexibility

manage your CPD rules your way without having to live with the drawbacks of an inflexible, hard-coded platform

CPD management software system wizBank Cyberwisdom
CPD management software system wizBank Cyberwisdom


Mobile ready

Everything we make is designed to work perfectly on mobile devices


We have designed CPD for WordPress to fit perfectly within your existing branding and theme.

CPD management software system wizBank Cyberwisdom

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately its not like a plugin you can just buy, download and install it does require some work to be implemented onto your existing website. Feel free to visit our pricing page for more information on the up front costs. There are also on-going costs to cover maintenance, support and roadmap developments, we also offer a super fast hosting service.

We have built the following modules outside of the CPD system:

  • Journal based learning system (JBL)

  • Log Books functionality

  • Mentor system

The JBL system has been integrated with the CPD system and we are looking to integrate the others with our CPD system. We are working closely with our current clients to learn what new features they would like to see and these will also be added to the roadmap.

The other part of the roadmap is the creation of an API so the CPD module can hook into other third-party systems.

You may want the CPD module to integrate with a CRM or Events system, at the moment we don’t have an API to do this but our developers can help with this on a project by project basis.

As part of our roadmap, we will be extending the system to include an API for this purpose.

You can create a support ticket with us as part of the licence fee and we will be on hand to help you out.

Yes, the CPD system has a number of chase up emails and account banners that can be sent automatically to members who full behind on their CPD or fail to update and activity.

No, the CPD module has been built so it can be set up and configured by anyone, you will have access to a number of training videos as part of the licence fee to show you what to do.

The CPD system can be set up in either points or hours

Yes, historical CPD data can be imported into the new system, a CSV file would be required based on a sample supplied by us. If this can’t be done we can give you an additional estimate for this work.

Yes, users can download a copy of their CPD records to csv or pdf format.

Users can attach files to support a CPD activity, these can then be reviewed by Admin as part of the CPD approval process.

Don’t worry we have you covered, the CPD module includes extension requests, users can request an extension and give a reason as to why they need it.

Admin will be notified and can approve or deny this request, if admin approved the request the additional time will be added to the users CPD Cycle and shown to them via the dashboard.

Yes, each activity and group of activities can each have a minimum and a maximum number of points or hours a user has to complete for each cycle.

Users can do more than the maximum set on each activity but this will not count towards their total for that CPD cycle.

For example, you can set reading to a maximum of 10 hours per cycle, the user can add 20 hours/points of CPD from reading but only 10 of these will go towards the required amount for that CPD cycle.

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