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Improving health care , ensuring patient safety.

CPD Solutions


Are you someone who is wondering on how to go about the real-time challenges of managing a career, a rewarding personal life and staying up-to-date with the latest in your profession? Does being skilled and staying current in your practice matter to you? If yes, listen more to how we would want to walk with you on this.

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Online CPD solutions

In today’s world, to remain competent and updated to latest advancements, for any given profession, requires more than a method to the madness, along with your commitment! With online CPD solutions, it eases out the pain in managing the continuing education for professionals with better management of time and resources, engaging implementation and administration of the program and mapping of the journey and results.


 CPD Systems

At Cyberwisdom, we facilitate technology assistance, in sharing systems of wisdom and experience, for corporates and individuals alike. With our CPD systems, we dare to envision a dream for the world. We see the world transforming itself through collaboration and sharing of knowledge and experience. Our CPD system has its own systemic intelligence. The different pieces of CPD puzzle- professionals, knowledge, experience, practice, engagement, relevance, management, mapping, recording, tracking and delivery, is woven intricately to celebrate excellence in your career.

We look at it as a lifelong commitment for practising professionals to combine a well structured CPD and experiential learning for developing all around skills and up-to-date knowledge to work safely, legally and effectively. CPD allows for collaboration and sharing information via. webinars, online conferences, discussions, videos, online simulations, online courses etc.

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Cyberwisdom CPD 

Our Continuos Professional Development (CPD) solutions are structured packages blending the theory and practice for creating learning environments online. Our CPD solutions are available for businesses as well as individuals across industries.


Our Continuos Professional Development

CPD for businesses: Your business’s long term competitive business advantage depends heavily on developing key talent in your organization with the most updated the skills & knowledge. Know more about our, Corporate CPD solutions.

CPD for individuals: For a professional of integrity, it is imperative to commit your time and effort to continually ‘up skill’ or ‘re-skill’ yourself, regardless of occupation, age or your qualification. Engaging in CPD activities ensures that both academic and practical qualifications do not become out-dated or obsolete.


We offer fully integrated CPD management system (primarily focused on Healthcare and Corporations).

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Why Online?

  • CPD online is at your finger tips literally!

  • You can create an e-learning portfolio and track the progress.

  • You can learn at your own pace, stream videos from anywhere, keep a record of your progress from any of your devices.

  • You get to observe a colleague’s work, or collaborate, from any place, real-time.

  • You can receive feedback from experts and other learners.

  • You can learn in multiple ways- online training workshops, online web conferences, e-learning programs, best practices and ideas sharing, webinars, interactive videos, and animations.

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CPD in Healthcare?


What should you look for when choosing an online CPD solution. Here is relevant list to get you thinking:


  • Does the instruction design involve research innovation and is updated to current medical practice?

  • Who designs and delivers the training? Are they practising experts, with teaching skills, attitude and behaviour?

  • Will the training hours fit into your schedule, count towards your stipulated CPD hours, and give evidence for your professional portfolio?


We offer self-managed solutions which fits into your goals, and timelines with ease and with no additional worry. We cater to the health care providers at every level to ensure that medical care they practise is safe and based on valid scientific evidence. With our CPD solution you get access to:


  • Clinical guidelines and clinical decision support tools

  • On-demand videos

  • Online live conferences

  • Online courses

  • Online 3D clinical simulation programs

  • Clinical e-Journals and eBooks


  • Plan: e-portfolio allows you to plan and focus on outcomes and results, rather than 'time spent' or 'things done’.

  • Design: Scientific evidence and practice based content and reflective exercises allows you to integrate new knowledge and skills into practice and these are HTML5 SCORM compliant courses which integrate seamlessly with any supported LMS.

  • Handy tools: Handy tools like clinical procedures logbook to track your progress in completing clinical procedures, against required minimums.

  • Collaborate: The platform supports multi-disciplinary, and multi-professional team learning wherever it is relevant to the care of patients.

  • Validate and re-validate: The platform supports peer and expert reviews for educational/ professional/scientific/ethical validity of the outcomes of your CPD.

  • Tracking: You can document and monitor your personal CPD progress with automatic tracking of watched conferences and videos as well as completed simulation modules and courses.

  • Record & Log: e-record of CPD allows you to use learning to draw upon for reviews, promotions, interviews and, when necessary, for regulatory requirements. e-log allows you to review your learning objectives and participation in learning events over the previous 12 months and set your development objectives for the coming year.

  • Ease of use: A CPD that literally fits into your pocket and learning objectives, helps you learn without any lifestyle changes to accommodate a learning curve.

Key Benefits

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  • Ensures that you and your knowledge stay relevant and up-to-date with today’s pace.

  • Lead, manage, influence, coach and mentor others with meaningful contribution to practice and theory of your profession.

  • CPD is curated by professionals for professionals.

  • Energise your life with CPD with increased job satisfaction, career development and part upgrade to a chartered membership in your profession.

  • Boost the public confidence in you and your profession with focussed CPD.

  • Contribute to improved protection and quality of life, the environment, sustainability, property and the economy.

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