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CPD management software system wizBank Cyberwisdom

CPE Management
Made Easy

Simplify how you plan, track, and report on your annual CPE needs

Continuing professional education (CPE) requirements can be tedious to track year after year. You must ensure you are complying with all applicable continuing education rules and regulations - from boards of accountancy to those of membership associations, and other professional organizations. And keeping record of each CPE earned is typically a manual, time-consuming process for many accounting professionals.


CPD management software system wizBank Cyberwisdo
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CPD management software system wizBank Cyberwisdom

Cyberwisdom CPE

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That is why the Cyberwisdom created My CPE Manager. This cloud-based tool helps CPAs more easily manage their continuing education requirements.


My CPE Manager provides an up-to-date compliance status on the CPE you need for multi-jurisdiction reporting requirements. It includes all states and most credential requirements, so you can manage your unique combination of jurisdictions with ease. Additionally, you will be able to see CPE gaps and shortfalls by tracking and managing all your completed courses in one place. You’ll be able to better plan your continuing education needs and maintain your CPE compliance well ahead of reporting deadlines.

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How it works – 3 simple steps

1.Select which jurisdictions you want to track.

2.Complete CPE courses. 

3.Download your CPE report when needed.

CPD management software system wizBank Cyberwisdom

3 simple steps

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