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CPD is a driver for Employability

CPD is also thought of as a practice that is applicable to individuals and also corporate once they have completed a professional qualification or charter with a professional body, the CPD Standards Research Project has found a growing trend of ‘CPD’ activities focused on young people and the adoption of corproate standard

“Many students undertaking our CPD accredited programme have increased their skill set and boosted their job prospects before going to the real business world. It’s really important to encourage students and young people to learn outside of their degree programmes, and the CPD Standards accreditation ensures they receive professional recognition alongside their formal qualifications.”

Younger people are increasingly undertaking CPD and training activities outside of what’s available in schools, colleges or universities because they know this is the highly demand from real busness world. One of the main driver is employability, and developing skill sets to become ‘work ready’ and more competitive within the job market. With the implementation of CPD in corporate and recruitment from talents with CPD also help to create credibility for the organization.

It is important to remember that CPD is mroe than just a qualification, it is  a practice for undertaking bite size pieces of learning to build skills, knowledge, information or behaviours. The learning can start at ‘beginner level’, this means that anyone at any age can start undertaking CPD activities regularly.

‘A degree is no longer enough’

Within a saturated graduate market, CPD enables students to stand out from the crowd to employers when applying for jobs or positions on graduate schemes.

Undertaking CPD training in any topic, in addition to qualifications, is a way of showing that an individual is invested in, and committed to, their learning and progression;

The CPD Standards Office has also conducted extensive research in this area, and strongly encourages students of all disciplines to seek regular CPD across a range of topics and activities.

The research found that CPD is directly linked to employability, and adding a CPD section to a CV can improve job prospects significantly, with the opportunity of securing a dream job increased by 10% .

Employability skills are often focused on building the following skills:

  • self-management

  • communication and literacy

  • team-working

  • application of numeracy

  • design and innovation

  • business and customer awareness

  • problem solving

  • application of information technology.

“The CPD sessions strengthen our students’ personal branding, and employability skills for the global environment, their CV and add as a key differentiator in their professional career profile (…) we strongly support the important value of the CPD accredited course and their valuable addition to the students’ learning and development study journey.”

Source: The CPD Standards Office

“The value of having a broad range of skills to offer your prospective employer is extremely valuable and can give you the winning edge when applying for that dream job against your peers. Drawing helps people to become more creative in general so having a CPD Accredited certificate in drawing is a great asset to your resume when seeking employment in a huge range of industries.” Cyberwisdom CPD team also supports the transfer of personal CPD record, delivery of certificate and also track and proven status of CPD on our CPD platform.

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