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If you wants to solve your headache in CPD compliance with a total digital learning solution, our consultant brings you the expertise , experience and technology to manage and comply 100% fit your corporate environment.


CPD Standards

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We provide credibility in a way that other CPD system can’t because ours is technology, evidence and solution-based. We have done all the research, we know the field of CPD inside out, and we are working with many CPD providers and corporate to improve it on an on-going basis.

The CPD management process is always changing, Cyberwisdom will help your corporate to adapt the new changes and one step ahead of your competitors to solve CPD and compliance soluton much cost effectively.

As Cyberwisdom partner, you will become part of our supporting community and we share knowledge and experience with the best practice. This will let you network with hundreds of other corporate, providers, and share practical experience with them. So not only will you have access to our extensive expertise in the provision of CPD training, but you will also get input from the broader community.

Cyberwisdom will also help you gain access to new regulations and how other organization understand, adapt and solve the CPD challenges, esp through our always updating CPD engine, market update, legal requirement and experience through our network of several thousand HR and learning and development professionals, letting you grow your business together

We are continuing our research into how to improve CPD on a regional scale, technology based, both compliance and organizational internal consideration. No single corporate is the same and our consultant will consider your current weaknesses are, what could be done differently, and most importantly: what organisations actually and finally want so what Cyberwisdom can provide is applied to individual company. We share all our expertise on CPD, client needs, and industry requirements with our accredited members, and this expertise is continuing to grow.

Consult Cyberwisdom with CPD management

Cyberwisdom has helped over 5 millions of learners and corprorate to get their CPD
management done risk free, pls talk to our consultants for your bespoke
CPD headaches!!

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