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Workplace Safety

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A workplace safety process is good way to familiarize new employees with how your company mission and the value of occupational health and safety in their work. 
This program should include a review of your company Health and Safety Policy and Program to determine what further training and information the employee needs to have in order to do the job safely. A yearly review for all employees ensures that new procedures or rules are communicated to everyone.
Available in English, Cantonese and Mandarin
20 minutes
Cyberwisdom provides online safety and health training relating to Health and Safety for general staff, leadership in safety, HSSE and safety in the plant.
You will learn about
What is Safety and Health in the workplace?
Educate and train staff colleagues in regard to their safety responsibilities and duties.
Supervisors have a responsibility to ensure that our staff and related personnel are up-to-date with and aware of the applicable health and safety best practices.
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