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Engage Your Employees with Video

Cybewisdom has more than 20 years of corporate digital learning experience to communicate across your organization around the world together with Vyond platform.



Video Is The Next Best Thing to Being There

The value of video is apparent in our everyday lives. We use video conferencing and mobile live streams to communicate with colleagues now more than ever. Cyberwisdom offered total solution from producing rapid e-Learning, Powerpoint conversion, Vyond videos and all types of formats to engage our employees . From employee onboarding to corporate announcements, Cyberwisdom offered all sorts of choices and the benefits of video communication without the stress.


Communicate With A Distributed Workforce

Cyberwisdom e-Learning and mobile learning management platform together with engaging Vyond videos are especially effective in remote work and communication because they improve message delivery and retention in lieu of face-to-face interaction. Pre-recorded, or asynchronous, videos like those created with Vyond give your employees content that is self-paced and portable. Customizable templates, characters, and props keep your message on brand, and because you create the text and dialog, it’s easy to make videos for a global audience.

Increase Employee Engagement

Video is the most engaging form of content, with employees 75% more likely to watch a video than to read text and up to 22x as likely to retain the information. Plus, watching a Vyond video is more enjoyable than reading yet another series of emails. Augment your training modules with attention-grabbing videos. Top your next company blog post with a video to make sure it’s noticed. With Cyberwisdom ability to produce excellent quality of Vyond courseware, you can keep your employees captivated while still delivering important information. 



Build A Dynamic Culture

By using Vyond videos, your workforce gets the message you want to deliver in a dynamic and interesting format. Vyond videos under the systematic way of managment way such as wizBank built in personalized learning roadmap for example is perfect for serialized content. Cyberwisdom wizBank LMS platform allow L&D to to build culture, from interviews and news-style updates to personnel introductions program rollouts. Create relatable characters, add your own dialogue and sound, and build on Vyond’s extensive asset library to create bespoke videos that embody your brand and build your culture.

Consult Cyberwisdom to work with Your First Video Today

Your employees want to hear from you. Give them something they want to see.

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