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Create eLearning Videos with Vyond

Today’s learners need more than printouts and PowerPoint presentations. They need active, dynamic content that keeps them engaged. Consult Cyberwisdom global animation team and how to make engaging videos with Vyond.


Grab Attention with Training and eLearning Videos

Driven by an always-on mobile culture, learners today have an instant-gratification mindset and are easily distracted. Our instructional designers use systematic approach to developing effective and memorable learning experience for the learners. The best instructional designers take their time to understand who their learners are and what knowledge or skill they should develop to achieve the desired behavior and performance gaps with professional design of Vyond videos

Video is an impressive catalyst for engagement in training and eLearning. Studies have shown that adding video to your content can improve the ability to remember concepts and details, with effects that even increase over time. Creating your own eLearning videos allows you to pull attention away from everyday distractions and deliver engaging content that helps you achieve your goals.


Enhance Your Existing Content

Everything goes better with video. As The Most Sought-After digital learning solution provider, we create the most engaging content for global organization, With learning as our core business in Asia as our focused market and development center in greater China, we are committed to provide excellent service and establish long-term relationship with our customers.Cyberwisdom is the expert to use Vyond as part of a blended learning approach to supplement your existing material. With Vyond, it’s easy to spice up what you’ve got. Save your videos as MP4 files and import them seamlessly into your learning management system (LMS).

Captivate Your Learners with Active Storytelling

Storytelling is the most effective form of communication, and Vyond eLearning videos are perfect for scenario-based training. Instead of talking at your learners, allow them to see the world through the eyes of accessible characters. Use dialogue, lip-sync, and realistic movements to speed learners’ immersion in the content.


Customize Your Organizational Learning

Cyberwisdom Content Design and implementation SAMIE Methodology and Experience- Share among world leaders in Fortune companies and experts in the world for the past courseware cooperation empowers our clients to get access to our previous experience. Our Project Manager and Instructional designers are very well equipped with up to date trend, project experience and employ instructional design techniques optimized for risk and compliance training, our courses design are driven by practical examples and interactive scenarios together with our clients.

Improve Learning Outcomes with Better Communication

Cyberwisdom content design and prodcution teams have years of organizational learning and knowledge management development experience. Our team members understand the importance of our digital learning projects.  With digital learning expertise, we improve learning outcomes with engaging video to promote a culture that encourages the effective creation, refinement, sharing and storage of knowledge.


The perfect tool for:

  • A distributed workforce

  • Conveying internal organization updates

  • Change and transformation objectives

  • Scenario-based training

  • Microlearning and learning with a human touch

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