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Dynamic, Bespoke Digital Learning Solutions

Cyberwisdom’s bespoke eLearning solutions are unique. Our team professionals supports clients with almost all areas of topics and across many industries, and Cyberwisdom can share our experience created by innovative eLearning ideas, knowledge sharing and blended learning that engages staff and business performance.

For over 20 years we’ve created innovative eLearning, system simulations and blended learning that engages staff and improves business performance and make sure compliance across the organization.

Courseware designed for CPD

In recent years, an extensive body of research has been concerned with course design in face-to-face, online and blended education in different educational contexts, esp courseware design for Compliance and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) 

Cyberwisdom has extensive experience in CPD courses design for corporate, professional bodies and also government institutites. i


Cyberwisdom CPD courseware design team utilize Salmon’s five-stage-model and Ryan & Ryan’s TARL model, are useful for course designers designing online CPD courses. Secondly, it seeks to shed light on what characterises successful course designs by comparing the two models with the underlying design patterns of a number of assignments that have been developed by experienced professors. Thirdly, on the basis of Salmon’s five-stage-model and Ryan & Ryan’s TARL model as well as the abovementioned design patterns, a new model that can support CPD course designers in designing assignments, the Three Spaces Model for Online CPD, is presented and discussed.

Our compliance and CPD course designer are able to work with SME (Sub Matter Expert) to: 

  • explain the purpose and intent of the CPD Skills Framework (SFw), identifying the ways in which it can benefit learning designers

  • describe how the various components of the CPD SFw are used in the design of learning programmes and activities

  • apply the CPD SFw content and guidelines in designing learning programmes and activities, such as:

    • Determining the skill and performance requirements for a job role

    • Developing a simple curriculum outline

    • Performing competency mapping tasks

    • Developing learning outcomes which are aligned with performance requirements

  • Be able to identify and resolve misapplications of the purpose and usage of CPD SFw in the process of learning design

Cyberwisdom CPD course design and technology platform team will discuss with our clients how to fulfill CPD management with support of learning programmes, CPD systems, Learning Management  System (LMS) and technology management and implementation, quality assurance of learning programmes

Cyberwisdom’s custom content team focuses on listening to and understanding client business needs and requirements and developing reliable, outstanding solutions. We will not stop working until you are completely happy! We don't just provide standardized process from storyboarding to publish of content to your learning management system (LMS), our SAMIE model also provides so many reference cases so that you can select from Ready-made content templates, low-cost production leverage on our already paid content authoring tools and also integrate assessments within the content to engage learners.

Courseware design is our natural passion and we will leave no stone unturned in producing a masterpiece for our clients. Cyberwisdom team works with a focus on quality and professionalism for our corporate clients.


Custom Content Services Offered


Highly Professional Design 


100% Satisfied Revisions

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Mobile Friendly Courseware


Integrated with wizBank 7.0 Website and All other LMSs


Gamified Application


Learner Friendly and Attractive layout


Custom UX Designing

With all these and more, we can assure you complete satisfaction and growth in your business. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. We will share our expertise and our team profile with past project details and testimonials covering almost any topic you can imagine.

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