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Vyond for Enterprise with value added

Vyond for Enterprise is a solution for large regional and global organizations which combines the best of making a video, managing user access and permissions and complying with your organization’s security and brand guidelines into one simple-to-manage package. Cyberwisdom offered more value added to enterprise from integratation deeply with wizBank LMS and Vyond platform so that together, it makes a difference.

White-Glove Service

Our customer support and customer success professionals are all service-oriented product experts committed to helping you achieve your goals.

These experts are available 18 hours a day via toll-free phone, live chat, and email. We offer this support in English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, and Russian. We do not farm this function out to call centers.

  Vyond for Enterprise offers an extra level of support:

  • A dedicated Customer Service Manager as your main point-of-contact

  • A customized training and onboarding custom-tailored to your team’s needs

  • SLAs and prioritized response: guaranteed uptime and a priority queue

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Data Privacy and Information Security

Vyond is committed to delivering a highly secure video creation platform to our customers worldwide. To better protect our customers’ personal and company data, we’ve implemented comprehensive security processes and controls.

Vyond is:

  • ISO 27001 certified

  • GDPR and CCPA compliant

  • Privacy Shield verified

Vyond Secure Suite

Enterprise organizations often have unique data security needs, making additional security options and configurations necessary for compliance. Vyond Secure Suite, available only with Vyond for Enterprise, gives administrators the flexibility they need to implement Vyond while ensuring that company data remains secure.

Key Features

  • Brute force login protection

  • Inactivity logout

  • IP whitelisting

  • Customizable password complexity

  • Single sign on

  • Custom video cache expiration


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