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CPD management software system wizBank Cyberwisdom

No more spreadsheets

Keeping track of your company CPD compliance activities is simple with Cyberwisdom easy-to-read reports and you can be sure your team are meeting their requirements and feel confident that your firm or practice is covered.

CPD management software system wizBank Cyberwisdom

Empower your team

When your team takes care of their own CPD activities it means less work for you. Cyberwisdom makes it simple – your team can search training events quickly, then complete the learning requirement, recording and reporting requirements in a just a few simple steps.

CPD management software system wizBank Cyberwisdom

No more chasing

Let Cyberwisdom CPD Engine chase your team to meet their CPD requirements instead of notifying everyone or miss to do so. With Cyberwisdom CPD management, you don't have to – it will automatically notify anyone who's falling behind.

Simplify the planning, executing, tracking and reporting of your CPD program today

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No matter the size of your firm or practice, Cyberwisdom offers a simple, web-based CPD platform that has all the tools you need to track and report CPD compliance. With Cyberwisdom you can search in-house, external, local, face to face and online training events quickly and easily. You can get a report on every aspect of your CPD program with just a few clicks and, best of all, Cyberwisdom notifies your staff when they're in danger of not complying. 

CPD management software system wizBank Cyberwisdom

Track your progress

Easy tracking at your fingertips. Access your safe and secure data to review compliance history, track time spent training, and monitor staff progress.

CPD management software system wizBank Cyberwisdom

Easily Discover Events

Save time with our comprehensive database of training providers and events. You can find the most relevant events at the touch of a button - just search for events by location, by date and by topic. 

CPD management software system wizBank Cyberwisdom

Manage Your Learning

Your team can identify gaps in their professional development at a glance. With all their learning history in one place they can arrange a training plan to target weaknesses in their skills and knowledge.

CPD management software system wizBank Cyberwisdom


Word docs and spreadsheets are a thing of the past with our easy reporting tool. Management can keep an eye on staff progress and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

Using Cyberwisdom saves you time and money by incorporating your CPD compliance into the daily routine of your firm.

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