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HR is also Like a Pro with Cyberwisdom

HR can also create media that boosts performance. Cyberwisdom worked together with hundreds of global HR clients to create memorable videos for a more productive, more informed staff and make use of wizBank to manage training and e-Learning easily


Get Started in Minutes

Prebuilt templates, characters, and import tools get you started fast. Vyond puts you in control to create an entire professional-quality video in just a few hours. Our templates are built on common ideas and scenarios, so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Why Video?

Important announcements and new policies need to be distributed quickly.

Vyond keeps your team on the same page to increase engagement, retention, and performance from top to bottom. While together with Cyberwisdom wizBank LMS, supervisors can monitor the learning progress together with HR and making sure employees is always unified informed with corporate details and stay on the same brand

Communication you can update on the fly.

You can make videos your team can watch within minutes anywhere in the world, regardless of language or time zone and you can broadcast according to role, regions, joined date, department all the criteria to push to your targetted learners.

Stay on brand with unified messaging.

Vyond keeps your team on the same page to increase engagement, retention, and performance from top to bottom. After finishing the learning videos, Cyberwisdom wizBank LMS can allocate assessment and even formal exam for the learnners, so that all our policies and regulations are complied and big data to do analyze so that we can do impact to specified employees.

Build Culture

Employees get the message you deliver in a novel format that increases engagement and retention. You can create short films that build culture through relatable characters, dialogue, and a range of dynamic charts and graphs. Not only to engage, HR can also do blended learning programs so learning is not only on video, but anywwhere, anytime in any format, consult our learning consultant how to build up the learning culture with technology.


Increase Engagement

Video is the most engaging form of content. You can keep your employees captivated — while still delivering important information — with video that gets results. Drive adoption, increase engagement, and speed up productivity across the organization.


Improve Employee Results

The distributed workforce of today wants self-paced, mobile content. With video, you can create content that’s accessible anywhere, on any device, through a medium they already use. Customizable templates, characters, and props keep your message on brand, every time. Cyberwisdom wizBank together with wizMobile learning app makes all our staffs well trained with e-Learning and the powerful wizBank features can make all their training data all in a digital format, no matter their e-learning records, face to face learning hours, credit, Continuous Professional development legal and regularory requirement all in a single wizBank enterprise learning management platform


Make First Video and manage under Cyberwisdom wizBank LMS Today

Your employees want to hear from you. Give them something they want to see.

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