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Cyberwisdom Make Engaging Media

Vyond Build-in character-driven stories or compelling data visualizations that engage audiences and deliver results, Cyberwisdom Animators makes it even more engaging and attractive to audience.


Unique, Dynamic Videos

Cyberwisdom Global Animation Center can help to create Dynamic content can make all the difference in creating a video that leaves a lasting impact. Vyond Studio makes it easy for client and Cyberwisdom to collaborate and create dynamic video for any situation. Mix multiple styles, create custom characters for any setting or job role then bring them to life with realistic movement, actions, and automatic lip-sync. Or spice up one of our pre-made templates with your own imported media.


Control and upload Your Content into LMS

With Vyond, it’s easy to use your videos for any purpose, or on any platform. All videos export as .mp4 files and can be added to video hosting platforms, social media channels, and LMS systems. Cyberiwsdom offers unparallel and total solution, we can make Vyond video SCORM complaint and add values to the videos. Cyberwisdom and offer bundled wizBank LMS on-premise or Bebox Cloud SAAS LMS solution for you to manage any learning content materials. 

Enterprise-Level Security

Vyond Studio is designed to comply with your organization’s security requirements. Administrator-controlled password compliance and compatibility with both Google and Office 365 single sign-on ensure that your sensitive company data will remain secure. When you upload to wizBank Enterprise Level LMS,  the whole process is under the strictest protection  of enterprise data privacy, it’s important that you know that your data is in good hands. Cyberwisdom LMS platform together with Vyond take the handling of user data seriously and fully comply with GDPR data handling requirements throughout the process.


Built For Teams

Vyond Studio makes it easy for entire teams to work together and stay on the same page. Share custom characters, uploaded assets, and custom templates throughout your team – an easy, efficient way to save time and stay on-brand. Team members can share videos throughout their organization, making it simple to distribute production tasks throughout your team.

Cyberwisdom Vyond Training

Cyberwisdom helps large organizations define, deliver, and standardize video-making skills and best practices to get the most out of your communications. With over 300 professionals, we are the experts of delivering high quality anmation videos for many MNCs and Fortune companies. Cyberwisdom takes the unique needs and goals of your organization and provides individualized training and resources to get your team up to speed and ready to create engaging, effective media.

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