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5 Tips To Maximize e-Learning When Working From Home

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to adversely affect the globe, many employees are working from home. Although the outbreak of disease caught everyone off guard, training for employees can’t stop. To enhance your company’s competitiveness, you should make sure your training schedule doesn’t fall behind. E-Learning is undeniable a key to plugging the training loopholes caused by the pandemic. In this article, we’re going to get to know some tips to maximize e-Learning when working from home.

  • Reduce e-Learning Costs

Substantial e-Learning costs may be imposed on companies when all of your training takes place online. While cost management is crucial for many companies, reducing e-Learning costs doesn’t necessarily lead to decline in quality. Here are some ways to help you manage costs effectively.

For instance, with micro-learning, you can divide lessons into shorter segments to reduce costs. Besides, you can convert existing training modules into online learning materials to save the trouble of preparing another set of materials. You may also invest in rapid e-Learning authoring tools to design your own training materials with access to a range of e-Learning templates, interactions, cut-out characters and images.

  • Two-pronged Approach: Use Webinars and e-Learning Courses

Although there are many benefits to use e-Learning for corporate training, you can still complement it with face-to-face meetings using the internet. For example, you can conduct short meetings on a regular basis to provide immediate feedback and guidance, arrange virtual training sessions led by an instructor, and encourage real-time communication among employees, with a view to motivating employees to learn.

  • Choose an Effective Learning Management System (LMS)

During the transition period, it takes some time for employees to get adapted to the new working environment and e-Learning system. Keeping track of your employees’ learning progress is important for you to determine individual training needs. By making good use of LMS’s data monitoring and reporting features, you can easily identify skill gaps and personalize e-Learning solutions accordingly.

  • Launch a Mobile App Using an LMS

If you haven’t launched a mobile app, you may think about it now. Nowadays, mobile phones have become necessities for many people. By uploading online courses to the mobile platform, employees can get accessed to a range of e-Learning courses with just a few taps. Of course, you don’t need to design a mobile app from scratch. Simply use an LMS that has mobile functionality to launch your own mobile e-Learning platform at ease.

  • Gather Feedback for Timely Adjustment

Even if you’ve gathered sufficient opinion from experts in the e-learning industry, and everything seems to be perfect, you should always listen patiently to what your learners say. Gathering hands-on experience from learners allows you to make timely adjustment to the training courses. Simply ask your employees to fill in online questionnaires after completing a course.

Every coin has two sides! While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought many new challenges to businesses and dramatically changed the way people work, perhaps it is a good time to optimize the e-Learning strategies of your company.

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