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Feasible Ways to Tackle Existing Challenges in Corporate Training

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

In the business perspective, is staff training an investment or expense?

Different businesses would view this differently— businesses that value talents’ growth would regard such training as an investment. They don’t expect instant effect, but the success in the future; while businesses that attach little importance to nurturing talents would regard training as an expense, as it costs quite a fortune without instant effect. However, even the state-of-the-art technology could not consistently create production. In other words, human resources are the most important criterion under the environment of extensive automation. Corporate training always has the following advantages.

  • Encouraging staff to take initiatives, with a view to raising their overall capacity, such as productivity and service level

  • Retaining talents in the business

  • Adapting to the market change and maintaining their own competitive edge

  • Facilitating the two-way communication between corporations, management level and staff members

  • Being investment of high return, as human resources are the most precious resources of a corporation

As the global pandemic of COVID-19 has drastically changed the operation modes, budget allocation and training methods among businesses. Meanwhile, technology evolves rapidly, making it a must for businesses to catch up with the market trend, in order to maintain their own competitive edge. The identification of the following difficulties and challenges in conducting corporate training gives businesses thoughts of how they should adapt their past training methods and follow the market to train their employees more effectively with the widely-used training mode nowadays– online training.

(1) Mundane training mode

The traditional training mode is always regarded as boring as it mainly relies on one-way communication conveyed by the tutor. Learners solely receive the information without testing their understanding or practical application for what they have learnt. Therefore, customized online learning can have the content presented with gamification to make the training more fun.

(2) Training session lasting for a long period of time

Face-to-face training usually lasts for a long period of time as staff members are gathered on a scheduled time. However, learners might not be able to stay concentrated throughout the whole training session, making the training less effective as they cannot fully absorb the knowledge. Micro-learning is the recent trend which lets learners study bit by bit wherever they want with the flexibility in training time and location, especially the use of mobile learning. Moreover, it can also enhance staff’s motivation to use their spare time to learn.

(3) Lack of evaluation for training effectiveness

Without evaluating employees’ performance, corporations cannot understand each employee’s learning condition, spot their weaknesses and make improvement for them. Online training is a platform for Corporations to track the learning progress and to read the AI analysis of the performance of their employees.

(4) Suspension of offline training due to COVID-19

Since the pandemic of COVID-19, people are required to keep distance from each other. Offline training is no longer practicable and suspended. Therefore, the easiest way to cope with this problem is to shift the training mode online, which can be virtual classrooms or online courseware.

(5) Fewer interaction between tutors and learners during online training

Unlike face-to-face training, online training limits the interaction between tutors and learners. For example, learners tend not respond as frequently in virtual classroom as in face-to-face training. However, as the modern technology are being more mature, the application of VR technology in business training is no big news, which visualize the interaction between people during training. Therefore, making greater use of VR technology in training can address to this problem.

Embrace Changes

A business has to adapt to consistent change under both the external and internal environment, so as to survive and maintain its own competitive edge, as enhancing staff’s capacity effectively via business training is one of the key factors to fight against the change of environment. Just make online training a good tool to the corporations.

Wonder if your training strategies catch up with the latest trends? Our professionals are here to assist you in conducting corporate training to best effect. For more information, feel free to contact us at

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Angela Yuen
Angela Yuen
May 24, 2022


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