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Support organizational development

Give employees the engaging training experiences they want while improving skill sets at the same time.

All in one game-based learning platform
for HR and L&D professionals

Here’s how serious training video games can help motivate employees and hone their skills—all while sending them on an unforgettable adventure.

Accelerate the transition to online training

Provide impactful digital learning experiences that instantly drive discussions.

Offer asynchronous,flexible learning

Set up customized learning pathways that fit learners’ needs to help them master the material.

Develop scaleable training programs

Deliver courses in 4+ languages —content is consumed via mobile, desktop, or tablet.

Manage your training programs on Campus

Integrate Gamelearn’s award-winning catalog of training games into your existing LMS, and help employees grow through role-plays, simulations, and personalized feedback

Create your own serious games with Editor

Transform standard Powerpoints, PDFs, videoconferences, and face-to-face meetings into immersive experiences—no coding necessary.

Measure your program’s impact with Admin

Get data insights on knowledge retention, satisfaction, etc. with advanced dashboards and Kirkpatrick model surveys to manage learners from end-to-end.

perform at their very best

HR and L&D professionals across the globe are already improving performance and retention rates with game-based learning.

"Students loved the soft skills,they walked away knowing more about themselves as leaders ,knowing more about their abilities ,their strengths ,and weakenesses,and that is priceless."

Dina Samora-Program Director,Organizational Leadership

"I think what Gamelearn offers is a platform that's suitbale for everybody,even if you've never experienced any kind of e-elarning or gamification before. It's so easy to access."

James Emanuel-Global Learning &Development Lead Manager

​“It just had that WOW factor.It really felt like you were watching spmething from Disney or Pixar and the implementation on our part was so easy.Actually,everybody learned something fun.”

Kyle Freedman-Talent Acquisition and Employee Development

Don’t think you can create an award-winning serious game?

Think again. Join the Gamelearn Academy, where we’ve got a multitude of workshops, Q&A’s, MasterClasses, and more to show you how to put game-based learning into action.

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