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Corporate and Enterprise Metaverse is the total solution of metaverse for workplace in the future

Ubiqitious readiness is future 

Corporate and Enterprise Metaverse Cyberwisdom defines Corporate and Enterprise metaverse provides next generation business growth opportunities by immersive virtual spaces to promote digital tools and services, generating new business models and focusing more on revenue oriented direction.


Workplace Metaverse Cyberwisdom defines Workplace metaverse focus more on business operation such as Recruitment, Training, Simulation and Employee ananlysis and growth to improve operations of enterprise.

"Prepare for the future Enterprise Metaverse and act now ! "

Corporate and Enterprise metaverse offer new digital possibilities for enterprises to reach global audiences, drive engagement, create meaningful connections, develop opportunities, train employees, and do a lot more.

-- Cyberwisdom CEO, Pure Lam

What are metaverse opportunities for enterprise businesses?

Experts believe that the metaverse will enhance the next generation mobile-internet-powered trend of user experience personalization. Business leaders should keep understanding the development of corporate and enterprise workpace metaverses as it is seen as the next iteration of the internet, enterprises understand that, eventually, the metaverse may become the most preferred digital space for consumers to engage with businesses. Consumers and clients will use the metaverse as a more advanced virtual space to enhance their physical world experiences.


On the other hand, every business leader no matter what profession should with an eye on the future must track and monitor changing consumer behavioral trends to avoid delays in metaverse adoption. Like any other trend, the shift to the metaverse will be gradual and continuous, with no real line demarcating the start of the metaverse era. The metaverse is already here, and it will change the ways consumers interact with businesses. Cyberwisdom Corporate and Enterprise workplace metaverse consultant team will continue to lead of the development.


As next generation and sophisticated virtual platform, an enterprise metaverse entices millennials and Gen-Xers. Businesses of all kinds can create specialized metaverses or leverage on Cyberwisdom Corporate and Enterprise workplace metaverse cloud to power their operations at various levels. Both large and small businesses can seek creative and new-age commercial prospects in the metaverse with different technology or platform, Cyberwisdom has prepared all solution to all size of corporate.


Cyberwisdom Corporate and Enterprise workplace metaverses are a work in progress. As they become mainstream, they will evolve as a way of creating brand differentiation. Through customizations, enterprises will be able to make metaverses work for them in the most rewarding way.


Metaverses are designed to drive new ways of engagement such as:

  • Personalization of avatars

  • Real-time communication

  • e-Commerce features

  • Customized roadmap

  • 3D simulation

  • Scenario planning

  • NPC features

  • Gamification

  • Built-in payment

  • Self-sovereign identity authentication for personal data security

  • Buying, selling and trading opportunities with NFTs

  • Enterprise owned NFTs

  • Enterprise equal value cryptocurrency

  • Even a new universal economy powered by cryptocurrency


Marketplaces within metaverses will become key sources of revenue production for corporate.

New digital services and products will enter the market and the pursuit of global customers will

  Drive Significant Economic Gains.

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Just talk to Cyberwisdom and see what opportunities an enterprise metaverse can provide in light of today’s metaverse capabilities.

A New Era of Enterprise Innovation with metaverse
Reach a global audience

The greatest appeal of the metaverse to a business is its offering of global reach, esp the current internet ecosystem is hard to breakthrough and innovate.


With Web3 and new metaverse, businesses has a new growth path even there is still a gap between virtual and real-world experiences. Visiting a store and physically testing out a product differs from selecting a product based on photographs and videos. By producing interactive and immersive 3D experiences at hyper-scale, metaverse tools and technology can fill this gap.


This will enable businesses to not only access clients worldwide but also have a greater impact on them, similar to a regional company. Prospective customers, partners and employees from all over the world may easily walk into the enterprise metaverse and explore products and services in a more real life like manner, experience personalization, and interact with the company on a deeper level, just as they would with any regional company.

Every business attempts to improve its relationships with customers, prospects, and other businesses. By introducing realism into digital connections, an enterprise metaverse aids in forming more meaningful ties. Customers and businesses may connect, communicate, and participate in totally new ways.

Enterprises may use the metaverse to track consumer requirements in real time and adjust their experiences to best meet those requirements. Enterprise metaverses, free of technological and design constraints, can provide clients with fully configurable and hyper-scalable experiences via immersive 3D virtual environments.

Build meaningful connections
Drive engagement for extended enterprise

Enterprise Metaverse is an Innovative and Integrated platform for Customer Education and Training and with the Complete Learning and Engagement Platform for Your Customer Education Needs. Metaverse is your perfect platform to Onboard, Engage, & Retain Happy Customers and Partners with new experience.
Like social media channels, the metaverse is also an innovation aimed at driving strong engagements between customers and businesses for mutually beneficial opportunities.

​Many firms are using gamification for not only consumers but also for staff and training. Gamification improves customer loyalty and employee retention by increasing engagement. Enterprises are currently gamifying experiences for their customers through mobile apps, but the metaverse will take gamification to the next level. Metaverse gamification can be used for learning, entertainment, loyalty programs, campaigning, skill learning, and employee training.

Gamification and Simulation
Event management and sponsorship

The metaverse will certainly revolutionize the scope of enterprise events and conferences. The metaverse can interweave the best of in-person and online events as a platform. It can deliver virtual-event solutions that meet new-age hybrid event needs such as 3D immersive platforms, NFT powered registration and ticketing, livestreaming, customizable avatars, global networking, and audience engagement.

Metaverse virtual events are much more than a livestreamed presentation. They incorporate technologies such as blockchains, NFTs, holograms, AI, 3D designing, digital twinning, and cryptocurrencies to host feature-packed events that delight the audience with an integrated event experience. 3D virtual venues, networking rooms, live or prerecorded webinar streaming, chat tools, picture booths, dApps and personalized avatars, and NFT tokens provide attendees with a personalized event environment.

Any platform capable of attracting people eventually emerges as a marketing medium; the same is true for the metaverse. With the metaverse, digital marketing will find a wider canvas to go creative. However, it is too early to paint a clear picture of what digital marketing will look like in the metaverse. Metaverse digital marketing advancements will undergo constant evolution, a process that has already begun. Currently, metaverse platforms such as Fortnite and Roblox provide brands with advertising opportunities that would otherwise be unattainable in the real world.

Metaverse provides digital marketers with a platform to conduct attractive interactions with audiences, build stronger bonds, boost visibility, and improve engagement marketing. However, there are also some challenges, such as verification of intellectual properties and digital asset ownership. NFTs can tackle this to a major extent. Besides, security issues will also require focus.​

Digital and gamified Marketing

Enterprise metaverse will be lucrative for marketing because:

  • It will attract millennials and Gen Z audiences in a novel way.

  • Metaverses can handle exponentially large size of audiences.

  • Metaverses can be gamified and with personalized roadmap to experience

  • Enterprise metaverses will be a great platform to support the merging trend of influencer marketing as it will enable influencers to build more realistic interactions with their followers.

We help clients ascend a complex learning curve and set a bold vision to generate value in the short and long term. We work with clients to immerse and educate through Cyberwisdom Enterprise Metaverse studios, explore industry and functional use cases and design a responsible metaverse approach.

How Cyberwisdom help our clients

Launch your metaverse project with Cyberwisdom Corporate and Enterprise consulting team.

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