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How can TalenetBot Enterprise AI platform be customized and build AI apps on LLMops


Revolutionize your business performance, build smarter, and innovate faster with different LLMs


Role setting

Give the robot a basic role, which could be Customer service, sales, trainers, marketers, industry experts And so on, make the robot more in line with your business image.

Upload documents and build a knowledge base

Create a knowledge base by entering documents or questions and answers,

Let the robot learn, and depending on how well the robot is trained,

Documents can be deleted or replaced at any time

Designed for the Most Demanding Enterprise Environments

Great ChatGPT but can’t use it within your own enterprise because of its inherent limitations such as security, performance, cost, and data governance issues as well as a lack of customization?

TalentBot LLMops removes these blockers and risks of using LLMs to fuel innovation by addressing enterprise concerns

Multi-terminal distribution channels

Meet a variety of business scenarios, for you to serve all channels of customers.

Including web pages, wechat groups, JS embedded web pages, access API,

More release forms continue to upgrade

Provide sources for answers

Support demo acceptance before release,

The robot's answers can be accompanied by documentation sources,

The answer is reasonable and well-founded, and the training effect is satisfactory before being released

View data

Usage data can be viewed,

Master the effect of robot knowledge service.

Based on the data report, the robot can be further optimized,

Make it more accurate to answer business knowledge

How can both Application bots and assistant bots be customized

TalentBot LLMops can set characters and learn from its own knowledge base, customizing exclusive robots with unique personalities and super abilities

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