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Take advantage of wizBank7.0 enterprise annual training

The annual enterprise meeting can give every employee and team an opportunity to show their elegant demeanor, and stimulate morale, strategic deployment, goal setting and other functions .In order to play a prelude to the work of the New Year, the planning department has been racking its brains every year. For you this year, it would be too monotonous if you could just make a summary at the end of the year. It would be an excellent choice to make use of the opportunity of the annual meeting for all the employees to get together and do year-end training through and blended learning.For the sustainable development of the company, it is great to do a good job in staff personal growth.

The annual meeting is the best and right moment to draw everyone’s attention. The training time duration is generally set to be relatively short, which can best be a day and a half. However, in the face of such conditions of time constraints, number of trainees and training demands, it is often necessary to consider how to control the time. It is not easy to arrange an annual meeting training reasonably and successfully. Fortunately, we can make use of wizBank7.0 enterprise learning management platform to facilitate the annual training of enterprises. Such as:


Before the beginning of training, in order to ensure a short period of training for the annual meeting and achieve real effects, we can use the enterprise learning management platform of wizBank7.0 to conduct a demand survey on the trainees, accurately grasp the actual needs, and select the content that everyone feels most in need of training and arrange it into the annual meeting training.


We can use the live broadcast system of the learning management platform of wizBank7.0 to conduct the training in a real-time interactive way. On the one hand, it can increase the interest of training and make people more willing to participate in it. On the other hand, regional barriers and time and space barriers of face-to-face communication are broken so that everyone can participate in the training freely, such as expressing opinions, asking questions and so on, and participate in the training in a relaxed way of chatting. At the same time, it can deepen the understanding of the training content. Once other colleagues fail to participate in the training in time, they can also log on the learning platform after the training and watch the live broadcast. They will not miss any training.


Elearning can make full use of the advantages of wizBank7.0 enterprise learning management platform. It can make a supporting online examination question bank according to the training content, reduce the requirements of assessment in the way of "knowledge competition" with right answers and prizes, and consolidate the knowledge points of training in the happy atmosphere of the annual meeting, so as to mobilize the enthusiasm of students.

In fact, following the trend of elearning, taking full advantage of wizBank7.0 enterprise learning management platform features and integrating them into enterprise training, can not only make training planning easier, it also optimizes the entire training process to experience that the desired results can be achieved with the least amount of time and effort.

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