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  • Cyberwisdom Soft Skill course

    Cyberwisdom Soft Skill course

    Cyberwisdom soft skill courseware with 300 to 400 titles Covers 13 major categories with 5 types of styles Language in both...

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  • Skillsoft e-Learning

    Skillsoft e-Learning

    Rich, engaging content featuring a variety of interactive options from widely respected, authoritative sources. e-Learning tools and assets that can...

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  • Microsoft Office course

    Microsoft Office course

    Cantonese Voice Over Learning on desktop software & soft skill Elementary, intermediate, & advanced level 20 chapters for each level...

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  • Information Security Compliance

    Information Security Compliance

    Data Privacy and Information Security Framework Information Security Best Practices Data Privacy Protection Best Practices Computer Related Crimes...

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  • General Compliance

    General Compliance

    Why we need to comply with Compliance? Who are the Relevant Regulators? Summary of Major Ordinances and other Ordinances /...

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  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

    Anti-Money Laundering (AML)

    What is “AML” and “CTF” Legal and Regulatory Requirements Customer Due Diligence Handling of Suspicious Financial Transactions On-going Monitoring...

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