The Common Myths of E-learning

When companies want to use e-learning, they often don’t know where to start, not to mention that there is a large stream of computer terms that HR has never heard of. If you are worried about how to plan e-Learning, please think about the following questions:

1. What is e-learning?

The core of e-learning is online courses, plus a curriculum management platform of the auxiliary, authoring tools for the course and integral services for consultancy and planning, which forms the e-Learning Total Solution.

2. Which is more important, the system or course?

It depends on the size of the organization. However, it is recommended to develop or introduce online courses at the beginning.

3. More and cooler functions of authoring tools for course it has, the better!

 It should think from the perspective of a real user when designing authoring tools for the course. If most users have strong computer skills, there is no need to do that. However, most of the instructors who are responsible for training or developing courses in enterprises do not have the same ability as the information department colleagues. Also, too many functions will cause problems in the information department or trainers, so functions should be simple, easy to learn. 




4. Only perfect hardware facilities can be introduced

Improved hardware facilities are required. But the most important issue is whether the habit of using computers and e-mail in the enterprise has been developed.

 5. What messages should I know first before planning?

One’d better think of the following questions. Why should we establish the training department? And we should also think of the network environment, the basic computer package, and the existing training system, etc,

 6. What types of person need to join e-learning?

The following talented person is needed in the early stage of your company: Human resources training colleagues, head of the human resources department, network management personnel of the information department, and director of the information department.

Post time: Aug-29-2019
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