The 2018 annual meeting of Cyberwisdom

Guangzhou, China. Recently, representatives of Huisi Cyberwisdom Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Zhongshan and Guangzhou gathered at Guangzhou No. 1 R&D Center to report on the work in 2017 and to unlock the plans and prospects for 2018. In the past 2017, Huisi Cyberwisdom has been awed by the mission of injecting more new technologies, technologies and concepts into enterprise learning, providing better e-learning and mobile learning platform, characteristic e-learning and content service of mobile learning courses for enterprise learning. In 2018, Huisi Cyberwisdom will be more pragmatic and cohesive, building dreams and taking off together. We are the future, here is the future!


Cyberwisdom 2018 annual meeting is full of laughter, passion and Thanksgiving words. Nearly 200 people have joined in an explosive annual conference, looking forward to the coming year will be more exciting!


Over the past year, there has been a group of lovely mindful people who have worked hard at their jobs, reflecting on Cyberwisdom’s thanks for their hard work. On behalf of the company, Xiaobian would like to say “Thank you” to all employees. Thank you for making Cyberwisdom a better place!


Cyberwisdom‘s calm style, professional technical team and excellent intimate service have been highly appreciated by customers. A concise letter of thanks contains a great affirmation of the Cyberwisdom team. It also gives us a strong impetus to concentrate on e-learning and mobile learning platform, e-learning and mobile learning course content.


With the alternation of performance and game, laughter and applause on the spot rose and fell one after another, and the atmosphere of the annual meeting reached its peak.


This year, besides the regular first, second and third prize lottery links, we also have the special prize “Kuala Lumpur three-day tour”. Looking at the brilliant smile of our lucky little companion, I believe you will be lucky in 2018!


Happy time always passes very fast. With the company Leaders’toast speech on stage, all the reminders hold their glasses high. Wish in 2018, reminders Cyberwisdom can make a leap forward in the new journey, continue to lead the new trend of talent development, and give unlimited possibilities for talent development!


Cyberwisdom will always keeps the spirit of innovation and enterprising, bringing more value to the future development of e-learning, mobile learning industry and Chinese enterprises’learning.

Post time: Apr-22-2019
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