Southern Airlines Training Practitioners Teach You How to Operate Online Learning Platform

In the “Mobile Learning Operations New Ideas Exchange” sponsored by Cyberwisdom LPT, Ms. Han Guangyan, an online learning and operation practitioner of China Southern Airlines Online Learning Center, fully elaborated on how China Southern Airlines can play online learning and operation from the following three aspects. 

• China Southern Airlines training managers’ understanding of online learning operation

• Why South Airlines Training Managers should pay attention to online learning operation

• Skills of Nanhang Training Managers in operating online learning platform 


(Ms. Han Guangyan, Nanhang Online Learning Center) 

Operation –What 

Operations - Planning, organizing, implementing and controlling the operation process is the general name of the management work closely related to product production and service creation. Product is the key word in the definition of operation, and the artificial intervention around product is called operation. 

There are two aspects of operation. One is operation, the other is marketing. Through the operation and marketing of online learning, the goal of online learning operation that Nanhang training managers want to achieve at this stage is to establish an active online learning ecosphere. How can we activate the online learning ecosphere? First, there is a need for quantitative and traffic goals to attract potential users to products and online learning platforms; second, there is a need for activity goals. 

Operation is to have flow, quantity, pull new and make everyone active, in the whole system to run. This is the basic understanding of the operation of the training managers of China Southern Airlines.


(The Development of Online Learning System of China Southern Airlines)

Operation –Why

Technology first

Southern Airlines is a large-scale enterprise with a wide range of employees and it is difficult to gather training. Therefore, building an online learning platform has become the first step for China Southern Airlines to build an online learning system. Developing an online learning platform with complete functions and good experience is the earliest pursuit of online learning for training managers of China Southern Airlines. At this time, the training managers of China Southern Airlines focus on technology, which is the function of online learning platform.

Content is king

An empty online learning platform, students will not be landed. Developing an online learning platform is not an end. The purpose is to train employees. It is necessary to have training content for students to learn. At this time, the concept of online learning platform for training administrators of China Southern Airlines has gradually changed from “technology first” to “content first”. Over the next five to six years, China Southern Airlines developed hundreds of online courses.


With the passage of time, online learning platform has been relatively stable and has relatively rich content. At the same time, the training managers of China Southern Airlines found that employees lack motivation for online learning and the online learning platform is inactive. The courses that are well used are compulsory, but the word of mouth is not so good.

In this dilemma, we need to use more means to stimulate students to really play online learning, so that the input of platform and content will not be wasted. At this time, the operation concept of online learning platform for training managers of China Southern Airlines has changed from “content is king” to “operation-based”.

South Airlines carries out online learning project selection technology first, because it needs technology to support training. What is the ultimate goal of training? It is training managers who develop courses to stimulate students to log on to the online learning platform through enriching their content and various means to achieve the purpose of supporting the company’s business.

Operation Trilogy

Operating as the king has been deeply rooted in people’s minds. The training administrators of China Southern Airlines start from operation, which in turn promotes the construction of various platforms and contents. How does the operation work? Operations have three parts.

• Attracting new users, online learning platform needs the support of traffic and quantity.

• Retaining users, after attracting students, they need to be left on the online learning platform.

• Promoting activity level,it is necessary to enhance the students’activity on the online learning platform through various means.

There are many ways of operation, different enterprises should choose according to their own enterprise culture and the actual situation of the enterprise. At present, the most effective ways of operation are content operation, project operation and activity operation.

Content operation

Through content marketing to promote a course, a small micro-course, a large systematic course, or a live broadcast, a person, a big Cafe share marketing, marketing out, etc. collectively referred to as content operations.

Content operations need to be very timely, useful, interesting and informative. If training managers can incorporate these eight words into content operation, they will achieve twice the result with half the effort.

• The content of the course should be closely related to the needs of the business department, which needs to be helped to solve their pain points.

For example, the sale of duty-free goods on airplanes, many flight attendants will not use POS aircraft and lead to business errors. The duty-free company has proposed to the Training Department of China Southern Airlines that it is necessary to develop a course on POS machine usage to enable flight attendants to grasp the business quickly.


• Developing Course Contents Based on Fashion Hotspots 


• Intelligent Marketing Class

Jingdong, Ali, DDT and Amazon are invited to give lectures on Internet marketing to China Southern Airlines and conduct live webcasting. Through live broadcasting, we can publicize its online learning platform and this novel learning method. 


Project operation

As far as the current operation of China Southern Airlines is concerned, it is one of the most effective ways to promote the operation of mobile learning through projects. Project operation has three components: training project management, mixed training and special training.

Training Project Management

As far as possible, the functions related to each link of training project management are managed through mobile learning platform, so that the enterprise mobile learning platform can be operated through each training project. For example, enterprise training managers have opened a new training project. Students’registration, check-in, check-in schedule information, online learning, examination, evaluation and interaction are carried out through online learning system. 


Mixed training

Combined with different training projects, the whole training system is operated through the integrated operation of online learning platform, mobile learning app and Wechat public number.

Thematic training

In order to solve the problem that mobile micro-courses are not systematic enough, the mobile learning app of China Southern Airlines has set up a special training function, which integrates different micro-courses under the same topic series and forms a system for students to learn. By integrating the fragmented micro-lessons into various topics, the contradiction between fragmentation and systematization can be solved, and the students can have a holistic learning of the content and improve the learning effect.


Activity operation

Relying on the learning platform to organize activities, competitions and so on, the publicity, preheating and implementation of the activities are carried out through the platform. At this time, all the employees who participate in the activities have become users of online learning, which greatly increases the attention of online learning and enhances the activity of online learning platform.


In addition, there are some basic operations, such as regular data briefings to improve the frequency of online learning.

Operational thinking

Function-Oriented to User-Oriented Transition

Each enterprise’s online learning mode of operation is different, enterprises should choose different ways according to their actual situation. Now there is no online learning platform, or online learning platform to achieve a certain degree of enterprise, you can change some ideas, put the operation and content in a more important position than the platform, use the operation to reverse the content and platform construction, in the process of operation, find out what platform deficiencies.

Change from Management Orientation to Operation Orientation

When training managers animate a learning product, they should change their management orientation to operation orientation. By developing a variety of courses and integrating online learning platform, mobile learning app and micro-messaging terminal, the whole online learning system can be run.

Transforming Training Management Team to Operation Team

The so-called operation team, in addition to having some professional training managers, also need to have a player’s role. At this time, training managers become experts and players, in addition to relying on their own strength, through a variety of virtual teams to use the power available in the enterprise, so that everyone can play together on the online learning platform.

Post time: Apr-22-2019