Seize the Opportunities of the Times To Creating a Talent Forest

General situation of Geely Group: Zhejiang Geely Holding Group was founded in 1986. It started from the production of refrigerator parts and developed into the production of refrigerators, electric freezers, building decoration materials and motorcycles. It entered the automobile industry in 1997. It has been focusing on industry, technological innovation and personnel training, constantly laying the foundation and practicing internal skills, and unswervingly promoting the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises. The total assets now exceed 200 billion yuan, and the total number of employees exceeds 120,000 people. They have entered the top 500 in the world for seven consecutive years.

 —— Introduction from Geely’s official website

The market is changing rapidly. China’s automobile market is facing opportunities and challenges. Geely Group in this competitive environment can break through the encirclement, overcome many difficulties, create so many miracles of a key point is talent building. Geely Group’s talent forest strategy has a good reputation in the industry. Geely believes that the success or failure of talent innovation determines the success or failure of Geely strategy. How to innovate to find, train, use and develop talent is a huge topic.


Recently, Cyberwisdom as the only e-learning online learning and mobile learning, content service provider, was invited to attend the talent forest summit of Geely Group, which has helped to promote the construction of the talent echelon of Geely Group and promote the development of Geely talents. Huisi has been committed to the development of talents in enterprises, believing that people can bring unlimited possibilities to enterprises.

This time, Cyberwisdom i will bring many years of e-learning and mobile learning solutions, enterprise e-learning online learning and mobile learning content construction rich experience, new ideas and applications of enterprise online learning to the Summit site, hoping to inject more new technologies, new technologies, new ideas into the learning of Geely Group, so as to make the enterprise learning of Geely Group more dynamic. During the summit, Huisi’s corporate culture course, which was customized for Geely University, was well received by the participants.


During the summit, Huisi deeply felt the talent concept of “respecting, achieving and happy people” of Geely Group. Among them, there is a sentence, feeling a lot: never a night into winter, only the slow to the crisis; is a challenge but also an opportunity, hibernation is a cowardly excuse, winter swimming is our rhythm. A business needs crisis awareness at all times. Crisis can also be transformed into opportunities, and people play a decisive role. In this era of change, enterprises should pay attention to the cultivation of talents. According to the uniqueness of the industry and their own enterprises, through the internal cultivation of enterprises, they should cultivate high-quality talents suitable for the development strategy of enterprises, take root in enterprises, and bring vitality to the development of enterprises.

Post time: Apr-22-2019
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