Cyberwisdom was awarded the Certificate of Intellectual Property Management System Certificate.

Cyberwisdom has made outstanding achievements in technology research and development, product innovation, technology application and intellectual property construction, Zhongzhi (Beijing) Certification Co., Ltd. highly recognizes this, this is of great significance to Huisi in the field of e-learning and mobile learning.

“Intellectual Property Management System Certification” is the highest level of intellectual property management system qualification in China at present, and is also an honor of enterprises with high gold content. The Standard of Intellectual Property Management System (GB/T 29490-2013) is the first national standard for enterprise intellectual property management in China.


In the future, Cyberwisdom will pay more attention to the construction and operation and maintenance of intellectual property management system. Intellectual property will be integrated into system management, resource management, business control, document and contract management, so as to form the standardization, process and comprehensive management of knowledge.

Words such as dedication, steadfastness, strong team strength, patience, thoughtfulness and positive response are all the pertinent evaluations given by customers to our team. At the beginning of the new year, we also received many thank-you letters from our customers to Cyberwisdom. Thank you for Cyberwisdom’s support in e-learning and mobile learning platform construction and course content over the past year. I wish Cyberwisdom will continue to cooperate with Cyberwisdom in 2018 and achieve better results together.

In 2018, Cyberwisdom will continue to develop more new technologies and products, inject more new ideas into e-learning and mobile learning, and constantly improve existing product services. Persistently provide customers with better e-learning and mobile learning solutions, guide enterprises to learn new ideas and new applications online under the guidance of enterprise learning to bring more value and to a higher level!

Post time: Apr-22-2019
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