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With the rapid development of China’s economy, people’s living standards have been greatly improved. However, there are still a group of vulnerable groups in society that need our constant attention and help.


After more than ten years of hard work, Huisi has been affirmed by 500 benchmark enterprises such as Huawei, HSBC, Bank of China, Air China, Southern Airlines and Shunfeng in the overall e-learning solution. At the same time, Huisi regards fraternity as one of the behavioral norms of Huisi people, feeds back the society with fraternity, makes the fraternity culture truly land, actively practices social responsibility, and continuously disseminates Huisi positive energy. By participating in various forms of public welfare activities, Huisi people highlight Huisi’s great love, which has been widely recognized by all walks of life.


Recently, Hui Sizheng Energy Team has participated in various forms of volunteer activities from time to time. Love for porridge: A cup of porridge is served to passers-by with a warm greeting: “Good mood for your day.” A small act carries full of love and blessing. Visiting the elderly: The fate of the grasp, so that these elderly people’s lives are full of rough and bumpy. The visits of the Residence Committee and Huisizheng Energy Team make the elderly feel that the society is inseparable from them. Beijing Road Civilized Traffic Activities: Stop at the red light and go at the green light. Traffic safety starts with me.



Cyberwisdom has been keeping the spirit of innovation, enterprising, tolerance and fraternity for a long time. With the development and growth of enterprises, Cyberwisdom will continue to participate in social public welfare undertakings and develop Huisi’s energy to give back to society.


About Cyberwisdom

As the leading provider of overall solutions and mobile learning for talent development in Asia-Pacific and Greater China, Cyberwosdom not only provides platform technology, but also has the largest customized curriculum design and development team in Asia-Pacific and more than 1200 self-copyrighted ready-made common courseware. With rich e-learning industry experience, we are committed to providing enterprises, governments and educational institutions in Greater China and the whole Asia-Pacific region with the most comprehensive and leading mobile learning programs.

Post time: Apr-22-2019
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