# Cyberwisdom News Flash # OPPO and Cyberwisdom reached a consensus on cooperation, promoting systematization of enterprise training

With the rapid development and gradual popularization of information network, e-learning online learning and mobile learning has become a new trend in the development of enterprise training. It has the characteristics of large amount of information, beyond the limitation of time and space, flexibility, convenience and reducing the cost of enterprise training. More and more enterprises to build e-learning online learning and mobile learning platform to provide personalized, real-time without geographical restrictions, continuing education and training for employees, truly enhance staff performance and planning for the future development of the occupation.


OPPO attaches great importance to the training of enterprise staff, and high-quality enterprise training makes enterprises more competitive and dynamic. Recently, OPPO and Cyberwisdom reached a consensus on building OPPO Online Learning Platform Project. They jointly build OPPO’s exclusive e-learning online learning and mobile learning platform to make OPPO’s enterprise training more systematic and provide strong support for the growth and development of enterprises.


Cyberwisdom has always maintained the spirit of innovation and enterprising for a long time, providing customers with a series of integrated e-learning solutions to win customer satisfaction, and at the same time, always committed to enterprise online learning new ideas and new applications of the attempt and guidance, hoping to be able to inject more new technologies, new technologies, new ideas into enterprise learning, e-learning, mobile learning line. The future development of industry and Chinese enterprise learning will bring more value!

Post time: Apr-22-2019
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