Bestseller cooperates with Cyberwisdom to build the strongest clothing retail chain

Talents are the source of enterprise life and the key factor to determine the development of enterprises. The cultivation of talents by enterprises is like three meals at a time, which can never be saved. As far as training is concerned, there is a need for both individuals and enterprises. With the continuous development of information technology, the traditional training methods are more and more unsuitable for the training requirements of modern enterprises. 

As an indispensable form of traditional retailing, Garment Retailing industry, in order to ensure sustained growth, in addition to the continuous improvement of the product itself, the key lies in whether the enterprise can realize the transformation of human resources to human capital, whether it can establish a professional retail talent team management system, whether it can realize the professional training and development of talents.


Take Bestseller as an Example: 

BESTSELLER is one of the largest fashion groups in Europe. Weizhi Fashion is a wholly owned subsidiary of Danish BESTSELLER in China. It mainly operates ONLY, Jack & Jones, Vero Moda, Selected and J. LINDEBERG brands in China. At present, there are more than 1000 shops in China, which are distributed in many cities in China. With such a wide distribution area and a large number of employees, it becomes a difficult problem to train the employees effectively in BESTSELLER.

Take the ONLY brand of BESTSELLER as an example. ONLY has many stores all over the country. These stores are divided into several regions, each of which is divided into several small regions. The training is entirely covered by trainers. Every quarter after the new products are listed, training materials are issued from the national training headquarters layer by layer, and the time and level of training received by front-line personnel are uneven. ONLY is a potential risk that needs to be managed for a team that requires a high level of service as a whole.


The difficulty of training in BESTSELLER is that the training chain is too long, the coverage of training is difficult to monitor, and it is difficult for headquarters to effectively confirm the effectiveness of training knowledge transfer. In addition, it is also a very big problem that the time for many employees to participate in learning is difficult to unify. Therefore, the fashion industry urgently needs the help of an online learning platform. 

1. Helping terminal salesmen to quickly familiarize themselves with new products and accelerate training progress 

After the online learning platform of BESTSELLER E-learning is launched, the electronic courseware introduced by the new product can be transmitted to the sales staff of the front-line stores through the e-learning platform on the day it is made, helping the sales staff of BESTSELLER to quickly familiarize themselves with the new products, shortening the time for products to enter the market, and providing better service to customers. 

2. Learning anytime, anywhere and updating product knowledge in time 

Employees can choose courses according to their own characteristics and time schedule, so that every front-line employee in retail stores can learn through mobile phones or other mobile tools anytime and anywhere, update product knowledge in time, solve the contradiction between work and study, help employees improve their work performance, and help improve the overall level of team integration and the competitiveness of enterprises. 

3. Effective management and monitoring of training effectiveness 

Training administrators can extract training records from trainees anytime and anywhere, and track training data in real time, check training results, real-time understand the training situation and effect of personnel nationwide, and carry out professional training for employees throughout the country, which greatly facilitates the training management of personnel nationwide. 

4. The training management cost and personnel maintenance cost 

There are many stores in the whole country because of BESTSELLER. Through e-learning online learning platform, Yizhi Fashion only needs to establish a training management center at its headquarters, so it can easily manage the basic training of shop staff in the whole country. And BESTSELLER proposes to integrate the learning platform with the internal HR system, synchronize the HR system organizational structure and personnel information to the learning platform, and maintain the synchronization with the HR system. This greatly reduces the cost of training management and maintenance of training teams.

5. Easy coverage of all staff training

At the beginning of the online learning platform of BESTSELLER, more than 90% of the total coverage of the front-line staff was easily achieved in a short period of time through effective means of operation.

BESTSELLER launched e-learning platform, designed an effective training system for terminal retailers at all levels. Online and offline training combined with comprehensive coverage of the retail team, clearly combined the company’s strategic development goals with employees’personal development goals, to achieve a “win-win” result.

Cyberwisdom e-learning has the honor to be selected from many professional e-learning companies around the world as its strategic partner in the field of e-learning. BESTSELLER highly appreciates the development technology and project services of Cyberwisdom platform. The two sides work together to build the strongest clothing retail chain enterprises in the forefront of the e-learning industry.

Post time: Apr-22-2019
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