A letter of praise from our customers gives us great honor

Recently, Cyberwisdom received a letter of praise from Citibank. In the letter, customers affirmed Huisi’s strength in e-learning and mobile learning with SUPER POWER, SUPER PROFESSIONLIAM and PASSION, and expressed appreciation for Cyberwisdom team’s dedication and responsibility.


(The contents of the letter are as follows: Thanks Team for super power to create of this learning apps in a month! It is indeed the super professionalism and passion of your team that makes this happening!!! Looking forward to the project plan for phase 2. Have a great weekend.)

We are very grateful to be able to discuss with our customers how to break through the training bottleneck and innovative learning technology commonly encountered in today’s enterprises, so that our team can make continuous progress. Customer affirmation is the greatest driving force of our work, Huisi team will be grateful, adhering to the professional service concept, continue to provide customers with more quality service.

With the increasing impact of the Internet and mobile Internet, in the field of enterprise training, more and more trainers introduce e-learning and mobile learning technology into the enterprise training system, so as to make the enterprise training system more mature. The trainees can log on to study anytime and anywhere to help the staff improve their work performance and enhance their comprehensive ability. The Training Administrator can monitor the progress of the trainees’learning at any time and effectively control the training.

Cyberwisdom has always maintained the spirit of innovation and progress for a long time. While providing customers with a series of integrated e-learning and mobile learning solutions to win customer satisfaction, Huisi has never forgotten to devote itself to the trial and guidance of new ideas and applications of enterprise online learning, hoping to inject more new technologies, new technologies and new concepts into enterprise learning, so as to provide e-learning and mobile learning solutions for customers. Mobile learning industry and the future development of Chinese enterprise learning bring more value!

Post time: Apr-22-2019
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