Mobile Learning Solution

With the breakthrough development of internet communication technology such as wireless internet (Wi-Fi), Bluetooth, 4G etc, smart phones and portable devices like iPhone and iPad have become extremely popular, it inspires us to expand mobile learning solutions and offer interactive online courses in a wide variety of topics.  Many education providers find our mobile platform helpful and powerful as we can offer up to date information and assistance to learners anywhere in the world.

Here at Cyberwisdom, we believe interactive online learning courses will benefit both learners and trainers, and help our clients to attain what they need for the best results.  We are the perfect solution for you when looking for flexible study options as we offer a number of services including:

  • The chance to study wherever and whenever you want
  • Interactive educational activities
  • Real-time learning content
  • On-demand education and a strong sense of possession
  • Diverse learning interface

To learn more about our solutions, please contact our professional team.  We will be happy to assist you with your enquiries.

Integrate perfectly with wizBank LMS

  • wizMobile is a front end mobile app to provide LMS features in learner mode.

  • wizMobile offers system wide functions such as personal profile setting, system approval, learning status & result, learning group, and more.


Offer wide variety of courses

  • wizMobile offers wide variety of course types such as public courses, web-based courses, classroom courses and soon.

  • Course content, details and learning status are kept up to date.

  • Course evaluation form is provided to collect users’ comments.

Take instant online exam

  • You can take your online exam right on your wizMobile at free moment.

  • Exam progress and score is recorded right at once.

  • Learning performance can be assessed easily.


Enhance learning motivation

  • You can check your learning position in real time.

  • Your up-to-date learning credit, learning hours, course ranking are shown at your fingertips.

  • Corporate learning motivation is easily cultivated.

Cultivate learning in community

  • You can form different learning groups and invite your friends to join.

  • You can share your view and articles to your fellow members.

  • Personal message can be sent to specific group members to enhance communication.


Learn in offline mode

  • Mobile learning can take place in offline mode.

  • You can download the course content in advance and enjoy your learning at internet inaccessible moments.

Support mobile devices extensively

  • wizMobile provides cross platform support on different mobile devices.

  • It provides a native app working well on iPads, iPhones, and Android devices.

  • It is also capable to run in mobile device browser through a web link.

  • And more, it offers capability to bind your weChat account to access the learning content.