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wizBank brings you the new generation AI based Talent Development LMS

AI plays a huge role in e-learning and Talent Development. Artificial intelligence is becoming more aware of what users think and do, it is able to analyze what kind of content users prefer and consume.Moreover, today, it is able to process data and provide tailored-made solutions. For example, right now some AI-powered LMS platforms advise users what course to take to fill in the knowledge gap, providing needed content on the given topic.

E-learning esp going towards Talent Development can be significantly enhanced with designed AI.

How AI can improve LMS, and the its advantages for users and administrators and even senior management and business owners.

Enhancing E-learning with Artificial Intelligence, LMS revolutionize learning and teaching at school, at work, from home and even on the move. With AI-powered LMS, learning requires fewer resources, goes to a new level of quality, and becomes more personalized.

For future AI wizBank development, we are expecting an exciting roadmap

Meeting the Demands of Personalized Learning with AI-driven Solutions

Enterprise is demanding for personalized learning and is even stronger than ever after the AI. Employees want to learn on their own terms and have great expectations for flexibility – they want to learn anytime, anywhere. AI ensures personalized experiences for each of your learners and organizations by analyzing their behavior, what courses they’ve interacted with most, and their preferred format for learning.This information is then used to understand what’s most relevant to a learner and then present courses that fit with this to produce a less linear but more effective pathway to information retention. AI makes your learning platform responsive to individual needs by adapting intelligently to their requests, increasing their engagement.

How AI changes the L&D admin and learner experience for the betterGiven the evolution in the way people learn and how much technology is sneaking into our everyday lives, we have to consider the experience of both the learner and the L&D admin.

By making AI the engine upon which the whole learning platform lies, there are new opportunities for admins to develop more immersive and personalized learning experiences, while automating menial tasks.

The more data the system processes, the more AI learns about individual learner needs, turning the learning platform into a continuous improvement engine that grows alongside your learners.

AI is not simply a feature of the learning platform, it will become the heart of your learning strategy, with data acting as the fuel that powers the AI learning machine.

Imagine implementing a world-class LMS and rolling out large scale training programs for your workforce just to realize that employees are not enjoying the training. Even worse, not completing their training modules appropriately. This is very likely to happen if your training content is not engaging enough. If your LMS doesn’t support intuitive content, the whole purpose of investing in LMS gets defeated.

The incorporation of AI in LMS will enable the customization of learning content by following the user’s learning style. This can ensure that the learner is engaged more closely and thus foster a greater interest in the training exercise. Moreover, with the help of translation tools, the same module content can be translated into different languages, which can prove to be beneficial for multilingual teams. In this way, the learning experience can be optimized for every trainee on an individual level.

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The essence of technology is to reduce human effort. And AI is one of the best inventions of mankind in that direction. Think of doing tasks like onboarding, categorization, module distribution, assessment, analysis, reporting, certification, etc. manually. Now, imagine AI managing all of it automatically on its own. Such automation on a large scale can improve the cost-efficiency of training function by manifold. AI-driven automation works as a support system, relieving you of mundane tasks so that you can focus on more important things.

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There are numerous benefits of converging Artificial Intelligence with LMS. From the way content prepared, to training delivery, communication to learners, personalized learning tracks, automated reporting, role-based access, the benefits of AI can range much. With AI, organizations today can now personalize the learning experience to a whole different level. AI has proved to be a strategic partner of companies for transforming their training function, virtual education, and skill development, and the element of training and development function.

The above are ways in which the incorporation of AI-enabled features within an LMS can help make the learning experience better. wizBank 8.0 Enterprise level LMS platform comes up with a host of AI-powered features. These features are designed to recommend training sessions to users depending on the user profile, usage, and activities. Such recommendations are offered based on data collected regarding the completion of assigned training, identification of common factors in overdue training attempts required to complete training modules, and assessment results. Thus, our LMS helps in customizing learners’ experience to make training more interesting and impactful.

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