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Enterprise Metaverse Enabler to Metaverse Platform and Enterprise

We are the Corporate and Enterprise Metaverse Enabler, we transform metaverses into Enterprise ready metaverses by leveraging our employee engagament PAAS platform

Future Business is Ubiqitious, so do our Enterprise Strategy

Future Business is Ubiqitious, so do our Enterprise Strategy, Cyberwisdom have used this term Ubiqitious from 2020, meaning everything in the future will be Ubiqitious, meaning business is conducted in real world, on webe and also on the future metaverse. All the future will be everywhere, so do our Learning, Training, Simulation, Performance Support and Business Activities.

"Prepare for the future Enterprise Metaverse and act now!! "

Cyberwisdom CEO, Pure Lam

Global companies are excited and also worried about how Enterprise Metaverse will emerge in the future, but no doubt, we need to prepare from now and that is why Cyberwisdom Enterprise Metaverse and Solution team is here for you.

Acceunture Song: “The pandemic fundamentally changed how B2C and B2B companies must engage with customers and employees; the speed at which they need to operate and innovate; and the opportunities to create new products, services and growth models,” said Julie Sweet, chair and chief executive officer, Accenture. “The companies that will lead in the next decade will undertake total enterprise reinvention, Companies need to uniquely operating at the intersection of creativity, technology, intelligence and industry to help our clients reinvent connections and meaningful experiences, including in the metaverse continuum, sales, commerce, marketing and new business platforms. From idea to build to operate with strategic managed services, we are enabling our clients to access ideas, talent and results much faster.”

A New Era of Enterprise Innovation with metaverse

Cyberwisdom have a distinctive and new perspective how a small size company can enter into Metaverse and prepare for the future business and change.


Metaverse Corporate Account:

Cyberwisdom Metaverse Corporate Account will revolutionize nearly all aspects of life and business in the next decades, allowing corporate start with their journey to future metaverse with almost zero cost. Cyberwisdom Metaverse Corporate Account provides simple and easy setup of its own metaverse building so that a company can show others with a QRcode, you can decorate and change setting and more and more functions can be added in the future.


Metaverse Enterprise Account:

Cyberwisdom Metaverse Enterprise Account will provide much richer functions for enterprise, together wit our Enterprise Connect Employee Platform, you can import all your employees into the Enterprise Metaverse and provide many other functions such as learning management, employee growth system, employee engagement platform and many other functions. They can also do collaboration in virtual spaces, augmented physical places and a blend of both. And it will create new lines of business and transform interactions between customers and companies that the metaverse is a business platform, a spectrum of digitally enhanced worlds, realities and business models.

Businesses are racing toward a future very different from the one they were designed to operate in, every company will find themselves at the intersection of many new economy and the existing one, from building new physical and virtual realities to providing services in environments created by others.

To grow and thrive in this new and fast-changing world the strategies organizations develop now must have responsibility at their core - from ownership of data, to inclusion and diversity, sustainability, security and personal safety.

The time is now to think big, start small and scale fast.



2022: Meet me in the Metaverse

How Cyberwisdom help our clients


Building upon nearly 15 years of leadership in metaverse-related technology and experience capabilities and over 600 patents, we bring 800 of our metaverse-skilled professionals and market-leading capabilities from across Accenture into one group dedicated to designing, executing and accelerating our clients’ metaverse journeys. We offer a spectrum of services across the entire Metaverse Continuum:


Learn & Shape: We help clients ascend a complex learning curve and set a bold vision to generate value in the short and long term. We work with clients to immerse and educate through our Metaverse Continuum studios, explore industry and functional use cases and design a responsible metaverse approach.

Enterprise Metaverse consulting

Our critical job is to open up and max out the Corporate Metaverse opportunities for your business. Besides building brand-new products, we help you to devise a strategy for future corporate Metaverse transition, diversify your offering, and win over investor support.

  • Business analysis & market research

  • R&D-based roadmapping

  • Tech stack selection & financial modeling

  • Marketing planning & campaigning

Digital economies & assets development

Make your Corporate Metaverse project a hot spot and to help you generate wealth and create differentiation, we can build a fully-functioning economy and operating standards where contributors produce value, buy and sell assets, invest at scale, and get rewarded for their activities.

  • NFTs & fungible tokens, lands, buildings, talents

  • NFT-based products for existing metaverses

  • Multi-currency wallets

Metaverse NFT marketplace engineering

Make your Metaverse project a hot spot for DeFi tech heads. To help you generate wealth, we can build a fully-functioning economy where contributors produce value, buy and sell assets, invest at scale, and get rewarded for their activities.

  • Permissioned & open Metaverse NFT marketplaces

  • NFT infrastructure deployment & audit

  • NFT smart contracts development & token minting

  • Currencies withdrawal mechanisms

Crypto infrastructure development

For your Enterprise Metaverse crypto projects, we’ll deliver full-blown operational layers with nimble cross-service communication. Thinking beyond the usual boundaries, we’ll design Web 3.0 wealth generation channels and implement top-demanded financial instruments.

  • Cryptocurrencies & tokens incorporation

  • Tokenization tools development

  • Decentralized storage implementation

Enterprise Metaverse applications engineering

Manage your Metaverse company’s workflows efficiently and ensure a slick digital presence for your brand, products, and services. With a focus on your business and economic purposes, we build next-gen dApps and traditional applications alike.

  • Payment processing functionality

  • Gaming experiences support

  • Virtual tours development

  • In-app assets implementation

Enterprise Metaverse integration services

Whatever sophisticated Metaverse ecosystem you require, Cyberwisdom support means you’ll get it up and running. We have a rich experience and the knowledge of tech instruments and cross-domain skills to make your metaverse infrastructure components click with a perfect business logic.

  • System architecture mapping

  • APIs & gateways development

  • Fault-resistant utilities & extensions engineering

  • Blockchain integration & migration

Metaverse gaming & 2D/3D art design

Just like in the real world, in the Corporate and business oriented Metaverse gaming dimension people want to consolidate their identity and boost their wealth. We deliver awesome VR/AR titles and dedicated design elements which will grab the attention of the heavily invested gaming and digital arts market.

  • Play-to-learn games

  • 3D models, avatars, digital replicas

  • Avatar marketplaces

  • Virtual goods & user-generated content stores

Consult us on the Enterprise Metaverse Solution

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