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The Top eLearning Conferences to Attend in 2022

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The Top eLearning Conferences to Attend in 2022

As live events are finally making a welcome return, L&D professionals are eager to use these as an opportunity to build their skills and keep up to date on all the latest trends in training. Visiting an eLearning conference is something every eLearning professional should have on their to-do list this year. Industry specific events like these provide an opportunity to give your professional development a boost, network with other eLearning professionals, and gain the latest insights from industry leaders.

With hundreds of eLearning conferences out there, it can be difficult to figure out which ones are worth attending. As seasoned attendees, Cyberwisom have compiled a list of our favorite eLearning conferences and understand more about LMS, custom content and Corporate, Enterprise or Workplace metaverse


. Mark the dates in your diary, and we might see you there!

Learning Technologies

Learning Technologies is one of the biggest workplace learning exhibitions in Europe. It takes place in London on the 4th and 5th of May.


With more than 9,000 visitors, 200 free L&D seminars, over 200 exhibitors, there’s lots to see, do, and learn. You can get a taste of what you’ll experience at Learning Technologies by watching some of the conferences’ engaging event videos available on YouTube. Learning Technologies’ summer event is also one not to be missed.

ATD International Conference and Expo

ATD is one of the leading eLearning conferences in the US, and takes place in Orlando from May 15th to 18th, 2022. With over 13,000 eLearning professionals relying on ATD to keep them up to date on all the latest trends in L&D, this conference features over 300 live sessions. ATD rounds up thought leaders working in the talent development industry and provides a wide collection of resources to help talent development professionals reach their full potential.

Speakers at ATD tend to be recognizable names shaping practices across the industry. Presentations focus on practical, actionable advice filled with takeaways attendees can apply in their organizations. The event also has a virtual offering, enabling you to access all of these invaluable sessions from the comfort of your home or work office. With Sarah Blakely, Jay Shetty and Bert Jacobs as the keynote speakers for the 2022 event, this eLearning conference is one you won’t want to miss!

CIPD Festival of Work

CIPD Festival of Work takes place in London, June 15th and 16th. Bringing together two exciting events – the Learning and Development and HR Software and Recruitment shows – its goal is to power the working futures of HR, business leaders, and L&D professionals. With a stellar speaker line-up providing practical solutions to attendees’ common challenges, and over 100 exhibitors, this is an unmissable event for your conference calendar!

Pulse 2022

Pulse 2022 offers something a little different. Taking place in San Francisco, California, August 17th and 18th 2022, this conference focuses on bringing together Customer Success, Product, and Community professionals from across the globe. Although not technically an eLearning conference, customer success is becoming an increasingly important factor for customer-first organizations. Here at LearnUpon, we highly value the importance of satisfied customers, which is why Pulse 2022 is a must-attend conference alongside the more traditional eLearning events.

From deep learning to elite speakers and peer networking, Pulse 2022 offers keynotes, workshops, topic breakouts, ask-me-anything sessions, and opportunities to collaborate with like-minded peers focused on Customer Success. The European installment of this conference will take place later this year.


Taking place in Austin, Texas, from the 20th to the 22nd of September, TechLearn is a not to be missed event for L&D professionals who want to empower learners through technology. Showcasing all the latest learning research and training technologies, topics include everything from design and implementation to social learning and artificial intelligence.

With 55+ breakout sessions, a special “L&D Lessons from Big Tech” track, this event is perfect for learning and training professionals who leverage online learning technologies to drive workplace performance.

World of Learning

World of Learning conference and exhibition will take place in Birmingham, UK, October 11th and 12th. This event has much to offer and is touted as a ‘one-stop shop for L&D professionals’. Over two days, those in attendance will be introduced to current eLearning trends while getting to experience the latest L&D technologies.

Exhibitors cover a wide range of areas within the L&D sphere, including leadership development, blended learning, talent management and much more. If you’re in need of a new LMS, authoring tool, or simply looking to immerse yourself in the world of learning and development, World of Learning is a must.


DevLearn is one to mark in your eLearning diary, with this year’s event taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada, from October 26th to 28th. Focusing on innovative thinking and emerging technologies, DevLearn is not just a conference, it’s the place to unearth the future of learning and technology.

At DevLearn, you’ll get to meet industry thought leaders, share strategies with colleagues, discover best practices, and learn about the hottest topics and ideas for eLearning. And due to its scale and reputation, DevLearn works as a who’s who of eLearning. You’re sure to bump into bloggers and experts, friends and peers, from all areas of learning and development. It also caters for a huge variety of eLearning professionals from Chief Learning Officers to Project Managers to Instructional Designers; there is something here for everybody.

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