Under the new Occupational Safety and Health (Display Screen Equipment) Regulation that come into effect on July 4, 2003, every corporation was required to complete a risk assessment for its workforce within 14 days. As one of the largest employers in Hong Kong, CLP Power was faced with a daunting task to provide the necessary training and assessment tools to its huge workforce in geographically dispersed offices within such a short time.  


Cyberwisdom offered an innovative workplace environment simulation solution to CLP Power. With our expertise in e-Learning technologies and simulation design, the legal language of the regulation was translated into various scenarios that simulated the real workplace. Each CLP Power staff member needs only 30 minutes to grasp the main idea of the law and learn how to comply with the legal requirements in practice. An innovative tool was implemented in the program to help the users assess, in a systematic manner, the risks associated with Display Screen Equipment in their workplace.


Client Sharing

It was amazing that Cyberwisdom completed the entire program in such a short period of time. Going for e-Learning was a smart decision. If we had got an instructor to go through all the legal compliance issues in classroom training, it would have been a very boring session for our staff. Learning is now interactive, and we like the way that our staff can re-visit the training materials at any time, any place when they need to refer to the new regulation.

Speak up by:
Mr. M.K. Mak, Senior Training Officer
Human Resources Department
Power Systems Business Group CLP Power